Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #114



Not giving me much to work with here.

I’ll just say a little about Boga then, shall I?

First off, Boga is the name of the creature, not the species.  I had that confused for a long time.  I thought Obi-Wan was riding a Boga, as opposed to just Boga.  Her name is Boga and she is a varactyl that is native to Utapau.

If you own the DVD versions (not blu-ray) of the OT, you’ll notice that Lucas tinkered with Obi-Wan’s scream towards the Sand People to have it more closely imitate Boga’s noise in ROTS.  This is not confirmed but I SWEAR that’s the case.

Her actual sound/voice in ROTS was made from the sounds of a Tasmanian Devil, dog, and coyote.  Funny that they put a distinctly canine sound with a reptile…

The name of Boga comes from a soda that the crew drank while filming ANH in Tunisia.


Boga soft drink


The chase begins. Obi-Wan drops his lightsaber while riding Boga.


5 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #114

    • LOL. I try my best not to cheat and take the number that really does give me. By saying “I try”, it means that I have been known to cheat before, but most of the time I’m a good little girl. 🙂

  1. Oh man… I really hope that’s not true about Lucas changing Obi-Wan’s call in ANH. I’ve always heard he was imitating a krayt dragon, a creature the Sandpeople would have been familiar with and feared…

    Wookiepedia does acknowledge the possibility in the Varactyl “Appearances” section. (sigh)

    • You know, I’ve heard differing accounts and believe it or not, this is definitely something that Lucas has tinkered around with a few times, like the Greedo/Han shooting scene, but it’s just not as controversial. Maybe the DVD version I’m thinking of is different from one you’ve heard, so who knows?

      Nowadays, I rarely watch any version but the theater release versions, so I stick to Star Wars as it was first seen. It helps keep my emotions in check 😉

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