Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #114



Not giving me much to work with here.

I’ll just say a little about Boga then, shall I?

First off, Boga is the name of the creature, not the species.  I had that confused for a long time.  I thought Obi-Wan was riding a Boga, as opposed to just Boga.  Her name is Boga and she is a varactyl that is native to Utapau.

If you own the DVD versions (not blu-ray) of the OT, you’ll notice that Lucas tinkered with Obi-Wan’s scream towards the Sand People to have it more closely imitate Boga’s noise in ROTS.  This is not confirmed but I SWEAR that’s the case.

Her actual sound/voice in ROTS was made from the sounds of a Tasmanian Devil, dog, and coyote.  Funny that they put a distinctly canine sound with a reptile…

The name of Boga comes from a soda that the crew drank while filming ANH in Tunisia.


Boga soft drink


The chase begins. Obi-Wan drops his lightsaber while riding Boga.


5 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #114

    1. LOL. I try my best not to cheat and take the number that really does give me. By saying “I try”, it means that I have been known to cheat before, but most of the time I’m a good little girl. 🙂

  1. Oh man… I really hope that’s not true about Lucas changing Obi-Wan’s call in ANH. I’ve always heard he was imitating a krayt dragon, a creature the Sandpeople would have been familiar with and feared…

    Wookiepedia does acknowledge the possibility in the Varactyl “Appearances” section. (sigh)

    1. You know, I’ve heard differing accounts and believe it or not, this is definitely something that Lucas has tinkered around with a few times, like the Greedo/Han shooting scene, but it’s just not as controversial. Maybe the DVD version I’m thinking of is different from one you’ve heard, so who knows?

      Nowadays, I rarely watch any version but the theater release versions, so I stick to Star Wars as it was first seen. It helps keep my emotions in check 😉

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