Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #88

Lord Maul Be Mindful

I believe Darth Sidious just got hoodwinked.  By a 14-year-old Queen that he thought he could manipulate into doing whatever he wanted!  BAM!

When Amidala leaves Coruscant to go back to her planet, we see Palpatine have this fleeting satisfactory grin on his face.  Oh yes, he wants her to go back because it will be easier to kidnap her and force her to sign the treaty so that the Federation has complete control over the system.

But when he says this is an “unexpected move for her”, did he think that she had gone into hiding (which I believe the doofus’s from the Federation could have believed) or did he know that she was going to try to enlist the Gungan’s help?

My guess would be that he, either through the Force or deduction of reasoning, realized that she was going to try to ally herself with the Gungan army.  Clearly this caused some concern because he told Darth Maul to be “mindful”.  Mindful of her intentions?  Mindful of the Force?  Mindful to not strike so quickly?

I just love that line, “This is an unexpected move for her.  It’s too aggressive.”  Because how many times does Palpatine end up kind of surprised?  Fabulous.  Way to go, Amidala, way to go.

darth sidious hologram


NUTE, RUNE, and DARTH MAUL walk with a hologram of DARTH SIDIOUS.

NUTE: …we’ve sent out patrols. We’ve already located their starship in the swamp…. It won’t be long, My Lord.

DARTH SIDIOUS: This is an unexpected move for her. It’s too aggressive…Lord Maul, be mindful.

DARTH MAUL: Yes, my Master.

DARTH SIDIOUS: Be patient… Let them make the first move.


5 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #88

    1. Darth Sidious has crazy lines for sure!
      One seen from TPM, (that I’ve never been able to figure out at least from a visual context) during the duel with Darth Maul, happens to be after the second duel gets interrupted by the laser gate things. Perhaps you should watch that seen, (and describe it) in the awesome way that you describe your other ones, and point out the order in which the lightsabers power down. I know that Darth Maul (from the sound of his saber) powers his lightsaber off second regardless in that seen, but I don’t know if Qui-Gon powered down his lightsaber first, or if Obi-wan was the first to power down his lightsaber specifically. Incorporating that nice visual detail into a nice description one of these days, would be appreciated if you could specifically cover that moment of the duel itself. I know Qui’s-Gon’s lightsaber is green, and Obi-wan’s blue, and of course Darth Maul’s red, those things I know from listening to different described versions of the TPM film, but neither version (one described by people in the UK, and one an American described version) with differences in the description (the American one) did a better job than the UK version since the person from the UK talked over the dialog, and the American description one did not, neither go into detail about the lightsaber power down sequences in that moment of the duel that much. They only go into detail about the power-up sequences, (Obi-wan’s then Qui-Gon jinn’s firing up in that order) following the seen I’m still wanting to know the specifics in lightsaber power-down sequences of.
      For all the sound of the lightsabers, sound is not good enough when trying to determine specifically which lightsaber turned off when before and after Darth Maul turned off his weapon. As I mentioned, I have no trouble determining both from descriptive versions and sound when Maul powered his blade off, I know that regardless of Qui-Gon and Obi-wan, Maul’s was the second blade to turn off after he tried stabbing the laser field. I also know that Darth Maul glared at Qui-Gon Jinn during that seen as well. Almost as if that glare meant “I’m gonna kill you, you old bastard.”
      I’m sure Maul thought something similar about Jinn, and from what I know of Qui-Gon’s flagging stamina, and the fact that he practiced the fourth form of lightsaber combat (can’t remember how to spell it) so don’t ask :), making it a tiring form even under ideal circumstances, after less than a minute of lightsaber exchanges during the first duel, Maul reasoned out exactly how to kill Qui-Gon, and would have done so then and their for sure had Jinn not managed to escape (and he hardly managed to escape with his life) if you read the TPM book. As for the length of time it took Maul to figure out exactly how to kill Qui-Gon, by examining all Jinn’s technique flaws that were apparent to Darth Maul from the previous duel including the flagging stamina, experience being the way Jinn prefered to adjust blade angles and so on moment to moment, giving him the only edge he had in the duel once he was separated from Obi-wan, lack of raw strength at the age of 60 and all those other factors of form four combat, especially since the duel leading up to the final duel in the melting pit had been long and tiring to Qui-Gon, plus the fact that Sith like to impale people in order to kill them along with beheadings also being common, since they show no mercy, that’s why maul stunned Qui-Gon by hitting him in the face and then swiftly reversed the lightsaber stabbing him through the stomach that way during the duel. He wanted a physical victory over his apponents, and got it unless you factor in Obi-wan grabbing Qui-Gon’s lightsaber (something Maul forgot about ) since he was preparing to kill Obi-wan with his single blade anyways at that moment, leading to his death.
      Just because he came back in the Clone Wars TV shows, I don’t know if that’s actually official.
      outside of the films that Lucas wrote, I’m sure he would say no it’s not really official that Maul comes back at all, but their you have it.
      Yay for the power of writing doing whatever to characters grin.
      Somebody should write a duel where Qui-Gon kills Darth Maul outright and completely rewrite the events based on that happening for fun.
      Oh, by the way, the main weeknesses despite Qui-Gon’s mastery of the fourth form were mainly the lack of defense, and confined spaces. Once you layer on the fact that he wasn’t young anymore, plus the fact that form four is a tiring form (if you want to see proof of that) watch Yoda use it as he did the very same stile Qui-Gon did, and watch how it will ultimately impair stamina, since the Force doesn’t prevent you from getting tired anyways.
      By the time Jinn launched his final assault on Maul, he used a tactic that ultimately backfired.
      He drove Maul onto the ledge around the melting pit, hoping the closed-in space would hamper Maul’s technique.
      Good idea, Jinn, but you forgot that you need a wide open space to practice your form plus that your not fighting just anybody.
      Maybe if Jinn hadn’t been so tired, their is a possibility that he might have been able to kill Maul, (at least I wish their had been that chance) but Lucass didn’t give Qui-Gon that chance.
      The book for TPM mentions that “Stroke for stroke, Qui-Gon and Darth Maul battled about the rim of the melting pit, locked in a combat that seemed endless and forever, and could be won by neither.”
      So clearly Jinn and Maul were matched.
      I wish the films had given Qui-Gon more credit.
      The American description version I mentioned, actually gave Jinn credit, their is clearly no doubt that he had every intent of ending Maul’s life.
      But Maul stunned him and then killed him while he was still stunned.
      The UK version just made that final seen seem as if Jinn was tiring swiftly then simply dies.
      I do not like how that seen was done, still seems to me as if Jinn didn’t get enough credit for swordsman ship.
      I’m sure it wasn’t due to a lack of skill in any case that led to his death.
      I’m sure tiredness and Maul being a Sith idiot was what led to it.
      Sorry for not being a fan of Jinn’s death, but I don’t like it when characters that I consider to be high-value, dye.
      I didn’t much like it when Albus Dumbledore died, either.
      At least the TPM book and American TPM described Tfilm gave Jinn’s last fight more credit to Jinn’s final stand than I thought the on-screen performance ever did.
      Personally, when I got to see TPM for the first time in a movie theater, I simply thought from the sound of the blades striking that Jinn died way to swiftly.
      I’m curious what observations you had about Jinn’s death seen, actually as a Star Wars fan who can see what’s happening on screen.
      But before ever reading the book, that’s what I thought about how quickly Jinn whent down in the film.

      That’s my thoughts for 2014 at the moment.
      Happy New Year by the way!

      1. Hi Keith, happy new year to you too!

        You have a good question on the lightsabers powered down. I checked the script and could not find any mention of it, so I’m sure it was decided artistically on the set. I watched the scene again and saw that it was Qui-Gon who closed his blade immediately, even before all the walls were done shutting. Then Darth Maul tested it with his blade, saw the blade couldn’t go through it, so shut it. Obi-Wan was the last to shut off his lightsaber and he waited quite a long time. Good question! I had never thought about that.

        I know a little about the lightsaber techniques, but not much, so I appreciate the extra depth you’ve given. I’ve heard that Qui-Gon knew the 4th form, but I didn’t know that he needed a lot of space.

        As for The Clone Wars bringing back Darth Maul, I think it’s a little ridiculous too. Darth Maul got sliced in half, but somehow lived? Hmmm. Qui-Gon coming back as a Force ghost at least made a little sense.

        1. Awesome stuff!
          Just read the email since I like getting follow-up comments :).
          I always wondered if Qui-Gon had turned it blade off at first I was pretty sure it was Qui-Gon, Darth Maul- and finally Obi-wan, but wanted that clarified.
          It makes sense that Qui-Gon would turn his blade off, because he was the one who, in the TPM book, was able to take a quick measure of their location during the duel, so he realized where they all were before the other two Darth maul and Obi-wan fully realized what was going on.
          The quickness of the fighters respectively was what made them end up in the power station’s melting pit.
          The lasers were part of an unauthorized intrusion system.
          If you read the TPM book, it will tel you that.
          Also, Qui-Gon was only one wall away from Darth Maul.
          Once he sensed that he had Darth Maul on the defensive (something he’d been wanting to happen ever since the combat began) he did not want to give Maul a chance to regroup and come back on the defensive. The TPM book, as well, explains this, and that’s why despite Qui-Gon being “warn and battered by now, close to exhaustion,” kept running after Maul.
          Jinn wanted to put an end to the combat quickly, sensing how dangerous Maul was.
          This focusing on the moment, even though no direct Star Wars source states anything to back this up, is what I believe would have made Qui-Gon Jinn a threat to Sidious’s ultimate plans, since none of his other Jedi friends especially the councel ever did this.
          I’m sure that since Sidious’s master wanted Qui-Gon to die, to prevent the boy he had seen in a vision from being trained, believing that Qui-Gon was the “key to everything”, because Sidious’s master realized that Anakin would change the course of history, he viewed this as a way of the Force striking back at both him and Sidious.
          They lashed out with dark power, trying to bend the Force to their collective will.
          In response, if you read the book about Sidious’s appretenceship, you’ll come to see how it is believed, that Anakin was, in fact, the Force’s response against the Sith trying to bend the Force to their will for evil across the entire galaxy.
          Sidious and his Master both tried to effect all beings who were force sensitive, by directly attacking the Midi-chlorians, to try to make the Sith eternal.
          Of course, the Force rebelled by causing Anakin to be conceived., at least this is a possibility for why his mom could not explain fully to Qui-Gon about the circumstances of Anakin’s birth.
          This is why Qui-Gon believed that the Midi-chlorians had conceived Anakin.
          And they did-but he didn’t know at that time anyways (though eh might have began to suspect the Sith being involved and would have more than likely, fit everything together if given enough time,and I say this, because in the beginning seen of the TPM book when Jinn is watching the federation ship, the book mentions that he was borthered that he could not explain how the Federation had found the backbone to undertake a challenge to the republic.
          If any Jedi Knight stood more than a reasonable chance of deducing Sith involvement (remember Qui-Gon detecting the fear)? Who else would have?
          Not the forward-thinking Jedi Knights, surely.
          This is also why I believe that had Jinn dsurvived, he would have been a great threat indeed.
          A living Force master would surely be a threat to the Sith Order’s plans.
          As for Jinn needing space, just so you know, he needed a wide open space in order for the fourth form of Lightsaber combat to be fully effective. The closed-in space of the melting pit, therefore, worked against Jinn, on top of him being so tired due to the lengthy duel.
          The book makes it clear that he only found a “fresh reserve of strength during his meditation”, so it wouldn’t have lasted long.

          I suggest you go reread Qui-Gon’s information on Wookieepedia about him, because the article about him was updated to reflect all the weeknesses that came into play during his final moments with Darth Maul, and physical tiredness is not something the Force would have prevented.
          Being tired along with other factors, also caused the Death of Jinn’s own Master, Dooku.
          And in either case, the Force didn’t save either of them from death.

          Thanks for updating me on the seen-appreciated!
          Keep the good seens and Star Wars posts coming!

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