New Years Resolutions…Or 12 Resolutions for One Year

I asked for all your help a few weeks ago in helping me think of my twelve 30-day resolutions for 2014.  You all gave great suggestions, and I’m actually really thankful for everyone’s suggestions as it gave me an overflow list.  Maybe next year I can do the same thing as well.

So here we are. (Happy New Years, by the way!)  January 1st. Time to start on these 30-day resolutions and stick with them.  I debated opening another blog for this, but I can’t bring the energy to do it.  I love Star Wars, and I’m going to stick with my love of Star Wars and focus my energy into this.  Maybe occasionally I will give updates here, but I can’t see it being very often (unless it’s April, in which you’ll see why).  I just thought I’d share what it the resolutions end up being here because 1) I asked for your help earlier and 2) it will help keep me more accountable to have it in writing.

 Now, as a reminder, these are supposed to be resolutions that don’t potentially cost a lot of money and are supposed to help me grow as a person – mentally, physically, or spiritually.  Here we go!

 January-Prayer and Bible every day, memorize bible verse 1x/week.   I find that spiritually I feel better when I force myself to sit with God and talk with him like a friend.  Going to church once a week doesn’t really cut it, so this will hopefully help.

February-Yoga 3x a week.  I have a bad knee.  It’s not fun.  If I don’t do Yoga at least three times a week, it’s more painful to sit for long periods of time (and what do you do in an office?  Sit for long periods of time).  But who has the time to do Yoga three times a week?  I’ll make it happen.

March-Vegetarian month.  Now, this is more like “pescatarian month”.  I say vegetarian because I don’t like fish very much, but I will eat it occasionally.  I am not doing this for a social statement, but for health reasons.

April-Haiku everyday.  Thanks to L. Palmer for this one!  I am going to attempt to write two haikus everyday: one about my day, and one about Star Wars.  Hopefully this will help me grow as a writer and exercise my creativity using constraints.  I do tend to blab. I’ll be posting them here.

May-Play guitar every day.  I must get better!  And how do you get better at an instrument?  Practice.

June-Thankful list.  Write three things I’m thankful for everyday.  They must be different than previous ones.

July-Picture once a day.  I am not good a photography, but I hope to capture the beauty all around me and practice getting a better eye for it.  Maybe I’ll put an instagram scroll on the side of my blog for just July.

August-Pick up every piece of trash I come across.  Oo, this will be hard, but I firmly believe that as a species, we litter WAY too much.  So I’ll be the crazy lady carrying around a trash bag with her everywhere she goes.

September-No junk food.  And by no junk food, I don’t mean just cake, cupcakes, and desserts.  I also mean chips, goldfish, etc.

October-Record my favorite life memories everyday.  I think I need to start thinking about good memories from my life and writing them down.  One day I won’t remember everything and it helps to get started.

November– Cleaning up the living room every night.  It kind of turns into a disaster, so this needs to happen.

December– Compliment/uplift someone different everyday.  What better month to do this then the happiest and also most stressful month of the year?

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My overflow list consists of:

  • Exploring my area every weekend.
  • Writing thank you cards everyday.  Thanks to Nathan for this one, I love the idea, but couldn’t fit it in while thinking of the year ahead.  I hope to do it next year.
  • Taking some kind of crafty class.  Thanks to Icarus for this one.  I also like this, but since I wanted to start off small this upcoming year and not spend too much money, this is going to take the backseat until my first year was accomplished.

What about you guys?  Any resolutions?  Share with me!  What do you think of my choices?  Easy?  Difficult?


9 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions…Or 12 Resolutions for One Year

  1. I think it is much smarter to make a few resolutions than one grand sweeping one like “be healthier.” Good luck and happy new year!

    1. I agree. This way is almost like a “trial run” of resolutions all year. If I really like one of them, I can incorporate it into my everyday life. If I find it extremely difficult and not as beneficial as I had hoped, then I only have to do it for 30 days and not feel like a failure for giving up early.
      Did you make any resolutions? Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Those sound like good resolutions with a reasonable chance for success. What is really nice about them is they aren’t all or nothing but measurable. For instance, in April if you go 25 out of 30 days, that’s still a lot of Haikus. I would expect a write up on that month’s resolution, the challenges you faced and what you would do differently.

    1. I already did the thankful one this past September and it did get difficult while I was traveling on business. But if I missed a day, I would force myself to look back and think about that day and what I had been thankful for. Perhaps I can also do that with the Haikus.
      Remind me after April to do a summary write up of the resolution 🙂

  3. Haiku are the best thing. It makes me sadder than ever that an old BBS called “Star Wars Haiku” has been gone for about ten years — I still reminisce about when we’d get together and discuss our lives and Star Wars only in 14 syllable increments.

    Overall, a good list! I’d say be aware and don’t get discouraged if memorizing verses comes slower than you think, or they don’t stick as long as you expect. I found it tremendously easy as a kid and almost impossible now, but the meditation alone is the most important part. Also, just resisting eating between meals is a great way to forget all about snack foods.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! And maybe you’ll end up liking my Star Wars haikus so much that it will kind of replace you’re old love. I should do something where people can participate on the blog or something. That would be fun 🙂

    1. I know…me neither. Sometimes I’m already making up haiku’s in my head! I can’t wait to start it. Maybe eventually I can make it a once a week thing if I like it a lot. Kind of like my Scene it on Friday’s.

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