Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #29

han steps on twig

Looking at this scene, I see it as a reversal of roles, gender and otherwise.  In the beginning, Leia and Luke are left in the more feminized position by waiting behind for Han (the most masculine character out of the three heroes) while he goes to take care of business.  Han, the ever so cocky and confident character, makes a pretty amateur mistake by stepping on the twig and ends up being left behind, as Luke and Leia now take on the dominant/masculine role finishing off the scout troopers.  And within that, we see Leia becoming the most masculine as Luke is left holding on to her from behind the speederbike.

Leia defines awesome feminine power in this scene.  She knows how to fly a speeder bike and has no problem hurtling after some scout troopers on her own.  I love how she takes her own initiative and doesn’t wait for anyone to tell her what to do.  While I was reading The Making of Star Wars a few weeks ago I found out that Lucas really wanted Leia to be as much of a tomboy as possible.  In the first movie, I don’t find that to be very clear, but I do see the tomboy aspect in ESB and ROTJ, and this scene is a good example.

Also, and I know this is a running joke amongst fans (or anyone who watches the movies really), it’s so ridiculous that the scout/snow/stormtroopers suck so much at firing a gun or even just taking care of four people without any kind of armor on.  Chewie hit the guy on his first shot, whereas whenever any kind of trooper takes a shot at our heroes…they never get hit.  Amazing. Oh, and why didn’t the rest of the Rebels come out and help them out when they saw what was going on?


Okay, that’s it for today.  Anyone got good plans for the weekend?  Mine is JAM PACKED.  I feel like I’ll barely be able to breathe.  And then Christmas next week, thank goodness, because I’ll also get some time off.  Less than a week!  Crazy.


luke leia speederbike



 The stolen Imperial shuttle sits in a clearing of the moon’s dark, primeval forest, dwarfed by the ancient towering trees.

On an adjacent hill, the helmeted Rebel contingent makes its way up a steep trail. Leia and Han are slightly ahead of Chewie and Luke. The troops of the strike-team squad follow, with Artoo and Threepio bringing up the rear. Artoo beeps.

 Up ahead, Chewie and Leia reach a crest in the hill and drop suddenly to the ground, signaling the rest of the group to stop.  Han and Luke crawl up to take a look.

 THREEPIO: Oh, I told you it was dangerous here.

 THEIR POV. Not far below them, two IMPERIAL SCOUTS are wandering through bushes in the valley below. Their two ROCKET BIKES are parked nearby.

 LEIA: Shall we try and go around?

 HAN: It’ll take time. This whole party’ll be for nothing if they see us.

 Leia motions for the squad to stay put, then she, Han, Luke and Chewie start quietly down.


 The four friends make their way to the edge of the clearing not far from the two Imperial scouts.

 HAN: Chewie and I will take care of this. You stay here.

 LUKE: Quietly, there might be more of them out there.

 HAN: (grins) Hey… it’s me.

 Han and Chewie turn and start through the bushes toward the scouts. Luke and Leia exchange smiles.

 Han sneaks up behind one of the scouts, steps on a twig and the scout whirls, knocking Han into a tree. The scout shouts for his companion.

 SCOUT #1: Go for help! Go!

 The second scout jumps on his speeder bike and takes off, but Chewie gets off a shot on his crossbow laser weapon, causing the scout to crash into a tree. Han and Scout #1 are in a rousing fist fight.

 LUKE: (sarcastic) Great. Come on.

 Luke starts for the scuffle, followed by Leia with her laser pistol drawn. As they run through the bushes, Leia stops and points to where two more scouts are sitting on their speeder bikes, with an unoccupied bike parked nearby.

 LEIA: Over there! Two more of them!

 LUKE: I see them. Wait, Leia!

 But Leia doesn’t hear him and races for the remaining speeder bike. She starts it up and takes off as Luke jumps on the bike behind her.

 LUKE: (pointing to the controls) Quick! Jam their comlink. Center switch!

 Luke and Leia speed into the dense foliage in hot pursuit, barely avoiding two huge trees.

 HAN: Hey, wait! Ahhh!

 He flips the remaining scout to the ground.


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