Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #144

Shaak ti

Hmmm…definitely not in the movie.  However, this would have been very dramatic.  Not that I have any loyalty or feelings for Shaak Ti, but in the movie we don’t actually see Anakin kill anyone.  The picture is painted clear, especially when he goes in the youngling room and we hear his lightsaber igniting (is that the right way to say it?  “Lightsaber being drawn” maybe?  Or “turned on”?).  But the actual act of murder by Anakin is never witnessed, except for the hologram that Obi-Wan and Yoda view later on, and that is faint and as a viewer you are slightly removed from the emotional impact of it.

This would have been very interesting if this scene was in the movie and I think it would have produced more depth and a lot more hatred toward Anakin.  I can see why Lucas only kept the youngling scene, because with that one you have a) innocents being slaughtered and b) you still know what happens and get a slight emotional twinge, without actually seeing it.

BUT another interesting thing about this scene is that if you watch the deleted scenes from ROTS, they actually have a scene where Shaak Ti is murdered by Grievous in the beginning of the movie.  Watch:

AND on top of that, if you look up the EU facts on her, it’s saying that she was actually killed by Vader’s assassin, Starkiller, in the Force Unleashed game.

According to forums, the only canon version of her death is The Force Unleashed game, which is c-canon, since deleted scenes are not to be counted as they are, you know, deleted for a reason.  Sometimes fans think too much about this stuff.  Either way, she’s dead, canon or not canon.

So throughout her history as a character, she has been killed three different times.  Why all the hate toward Shaak Ti?

Shaak Ti and Starkiller


ANAKIN walks through the Jedi Temple, where he finds and kills SHAAK TI.  He exits Shaak Ti’s room and enters a hallway, where the battle is taking place.


8 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #144

  1. It’s not every character who gets 3 versions of their death.
    Reminds me of the Batman: The Animated Series episode where a group of villains sit down and discuss how they “almost got ’em”.

  2. Poor Shaak Ti. Can I just say I’m so glad that scene was deleted…the first 50 sec were great, and then it just devolved into inanity and greenscreening. I liked Shaak Ti’s storyline in Force Unleashed also, so I’m glad that one is the most canon of the not-really-canon deaths.

    1. Which scene are you talking about? The scene that I was basing my post off of (Shaak Ti dying by Anakin’s hands) or the actual filmed, deleted scene (Shaak Ti dying by Grievous)?

  3. I’m certain characters “ignite lightsabers” in the novels, but it may also be appropriate to draw one…

    And the one part that I loved from the deleted scene was Obi-wan and Anakin discussing strategy via baseball style signs. It helped show that despite their different styles these two have been best friends fighting side-by-side for quite some time.

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