New Look!

Sorry if this threw anyone off but I’ve been experimenting with a new look for a while.  I thought the other one was…well…too dark.  I’m not a very dark person, so I needed a blog look that would match my personality.  Simple and focused.

I still have to work on the fonts, but that can wait.

Like?  Dislike?  Revert back?  Let me know.


20 thoughts on “New Look!

    1. Lol Null! Of course you would say that. But really – the dark side is just not me. The only reason why I chose the other background was because it had stars. And I thought, Star Wars! Stars! Intergalactic! Yay! But no…it was just too dark. This represents me better I think.

      1. The dark side is better. Search your feelings — you know it to be true.

        We can shoot lightning from our fingertips, choke people who annoy us, and even bring people back to life. We inspire fear and dread in others without saying a word. We can even fall in love and get married, whereas the Jedi expressly forbid it (unless you’ve got the right connections… *cough* Ki-Adi-Mundi *cough*). And, of course, we have cookies.

        What’s not to love?

  1. I like the overall style, but I’m not sure about the background color. To me, it looks like something-hasn’t-loaded gray. I was briefly confused by it, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

    1. Hmmm…ok. You know, you’re the second person to tell me that, so I should prob change it. I had it purple to give it a touch of femininity, but I couldn’t decide if I liked that. I’ll def work on the color. Thanks!

      1. I think it’s better. The title doesn’t stand out quite as much from the background anymore, but I don’t think I have any constructive suggestions on that one.

  2. Looks really Jedi like. I love blue. That’s the color of the Jedi lightsabers. Great job. I dearly love it. Keep up the anonymous look and May the Force be with you. Your great anonymous trial.

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