NYCC Recap

I know – I’m so late on this.  I am going to keep this short because I don’t feel justified in giving a super long account as I was only there on Friday.

How was NYCC different from any other con I’ve been to?

It was large.  Very large.  (That’s what she said.)  Wikipedia is telling me there was a whopping 133,000 people who attended!  That’s easiest the largest con I’ve ever been to.  Star Wars Celebration, last time I went, I think was around 60,000 and this is double.  I’m sure Saturday had the most people but wowza.  I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe and that you could barely walk in some places, but I’m surprised reading that number myself.

They had better panels with bigger actors/actresses and more interesting topics.  But the problem with bigger panels means that you have to wait in line longer to get into them.  That was a pain in the butt.  I feel like most of the time I was waiting in line and didn’t get half as much time to browse the exhibit floor as I would have liked.

Waiting in line is oh-so-much-fun
Waiting in line is oh-so-much-fun

I went to two panels: Game of Thrones with Jerome Flynn and Robot Chicken with Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Breckin Meyer, Clare Grant, and Macaulay Culkin (yeah, that was random).  The Robot Chicken panel guys were hilarious and I loved seeing clips from the upcoming season and learning the process in which they make the show.  The Game of Thrones with Jerome Flynn was a little boring and I wish I had skipped it, because I ended up missing another panel that I was really interested in.

The Exhibit Hall was fantabulous.  It was huge.  There were so many different items to browse through and possibly buy.  Usually the cons I go to focus on either comics or collectibles, but this one ranged from the standards to casual clothing, knick knacks, steampunk, cosplay, and much more.  I bought some Luke Skywalker lightsaber chopsticks and a Chewbacca tank top from We Love Fine.  I’ve always loved the clothing by We Love Fine but never bought anything because I couldn’t justify the shipping and handling prices for a small piece of clothing.  I was thrilled to see their booth at NYCC and it was hard narrowing down my choices to one item I wanted to buy.

The cosplay at NYCC was above and beyond any other con I’ve gone too.  I was definitely one of the underdressed in terms of cosplay with my Old Republic Jedi.  Since I was only there Friday and the cosplay was great, I can’t imagine what it was like on Saturday when all the stops are pulled out.  There was a Game of Thrones group done by all women, which I loved, and tons of Star Wars cosplay.  Here’s a few of the more amusing ones that I took photos of.  Unfortunately, my phone completely died about half way through the con, so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, so that’s my little Friday recap.  I was wiped out after only one day.  My sister and fiancé are discussing going for the entire weekend next year, so I would definitely tag along if that were the case.  I can’t resist turning down a con adventure, even though it’ll be really tiring.

In personal news, my sister is getting married Friday!  I’m pretty excited to be the maid-of-honor (I refuse to say matron-of-honor because it sounds too old) and happy that she’s found her “one”.  And on top of that, he’s a Star Wars fan, so good choice!

I’ll be back to writing more Star Wars goodness next week.  I have a few posts that have been churning around in my head for a while and just have not had the chance to write them yet!

One last photo of awesomeness
One last photo of awesomeness

4 thoughts on “NYCC Recap

  1. Oh man. I’m not sure why I’ve been resistant to the idea, but I think I’m going to have to try a convention or two in 2014. It looks like a blast.

    By the way… Congratulations to your family!

    1. Omg you have to! It’s way more fun than I ever thought they would be. Not sure where you live, but generally there’s one within driving distance to me…even if driving distance is 5 hours lol.

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