Latest Piece of Work

I agree with every blogger out there – NYCC exhausted me and I was only there for one day.  I promise I’ll give my own recap soon, but for now, I thought I’d share my latest, greatest on WhatCulture:

I hope to expand that list some day or do a different variation of it.  Tell me who’s missing, guys.  Also thinking of doing a piece on unknown facts of Star Wars.  Thoughts?  What do you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Latest Piece of Work

    1. You know, Mr. Reticent told me to put Lobot on too. I just couldn’t justify him since he was only taking orders. I don’t think he did anything outstanding.

      But the Imperials that unwittingly let R2 and Threepio go…man, good thinking! So key, so key. I need to start thinking outside of the box like that.

      1. Wookieepedia says Lobot is the one that told R2-D2 via the central computer that the hyperdrive was locked and how to fix it as they were escaping the Imperials on Bespin… not sure the source on that – Essential Guide to Characters maybe? I just think he has a groovy pirate shirt.

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