I never participate in #tbt (Throwback Thursday), but I found this while researching my previous WhatCulture article.  It looks like I filled out a survey for Star Wars Insider, but never mailed it in.  It’s so funny to look at something from an age that was right at the cusp of the internet craze.  The internet was around, but it wasn’t ubiquitous like it is now.

2013-10-10 15.50.50



Looks like I spent less than $100 on Star Wars products per year back then.  Wow, wish that was the same now…my husband would be a lot happier.

Apparently I used to buy Star Wars video/computer games.  No memory of that.  I think maybe once I bought an X-Wing game for my PC?

I had never ordered products over the internet and I liked to phone in my orders.  I can’t imagine that now.

Kaybee Toys!  Does that still exist?  I haven’t seen that around in forever.

I DOWNRIGHT LIED ABOUT BUFFY.  Why did I even check that off?  Was I trying to be cool?  WHAT?!  The first time I watched Buffy continuously was sophomore year of college and I got too scared and had to stop.  So why would I write that?  Lol, the inner workings of a pre-teens mind.

Lastly, I did not plan on attending any conventions.  My, my, how times have changed…



4 thoughts on “#tbt

  1. There were MicroMachines. I have a number of sets. Some were diorama type and the others were character heads which folded out to playsets. You could also get individual ships.

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