Star Wars Rebels Teaser Trailer Released

The Rebels are back!  Dave Filoni and team gave us our first glimpse last night of the new animated TV show to be released next year: Star Wars Rebels.

There’s not much to take from this narrative that we don’t already know, except for one key line, “The Jedi will rise, and you will know the power of the Force.”

The Jedi will rise?  You mean to tell me that not all are wiped out after Order 66?  This could mean that we see hints of Yoda and Obi-Wan again, plus others.  But could it mean that by the end of the series, all the Jedi will be completely wiped out other than Obi-Wan and Yoda?  This show could deal with a lot of heavy subjects if they go that route, which gives me hope.

The forming of the Alliance will also be interesting to watch.  I’m also curious as to the timeline of where this series will line up with the movies.  Will it end right before ANH?  If that’s the case, maybe we’ll see Biggs Darklighter.

There are so many interesting directions this show could take, maybe more so than TCW, since they are not constrained as much by events and characters in the movies.

I’m still cautiously optimistic and I will definitely give this a try right away, as opposed to TCW where I refused to watch it for about two years, and then regretted it.


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