Today is Star Wars Reads Day!

Good morning fellow Star Wars lovers!

star wars readsToday is the second annual Star Wars Reads Day.  All across the nation, libraries and bookstores will be holding events celebrating reading and Star Wars.  Those are two of my favorite things in the whole world, and if we just add a cup of tea to this mix, it would be perfect.  I fully support this day because anything that encourages reading, and anything that encourages a greater awareness of how awesome Star Wars is, deserves to be recognized!

Star Wars fans, authors, artists, and actors will be appearing at different locations around the United States.  Check out this link to see if they are in an area near you.  If anyone ends up going to one near them – please share some photos!

May the Force be with you and happy reading!


4 thoughts on “Today is Star Wars Reads Day!

  1. And I have to work! I wish I could be at the Lightsaber Training event one of my library classmates is doing at her library. It would be so much fun.

    1. Gosh, I do not know what is up with my phone app. I responded on my phone but looks like it is not showing up in reality. 😦 Sigh. Technology is just beyond me sometimes.

      Well, if it makes you feel any better – I also did not get to a Star Wars Reads Day near me. “Near me” was about 45 minutes away for each location, so I opted out. But I noticed that Ashley Eckstein was in Orlando! And you said you live near there so that would have been cool to meet her, even though it sounds like you’ve seen her a few times already. I’m jealous. Lightsaber Training is pretty awesome too, though. I don’t think any of the libraries around me were doing anything extensive.

      1. I think the library with the lightsaber training is about 30 minutes away, so not too bad.

        Orlando is a couple of hours, so it’s near, but not close. I have seen her a couple of times, but you can never see someone like her too many times.

        Next year, I’ll have to plan my own event wherever I end up working.

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