Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #21

Wow, not much to work with here.

One thing this scene made me think of – I definitely didn’t like how the droids got bigger and badder as the Prequels progressed.   If they are really that competent or “super”, why do we need stormtroopers?  Why would Palpatine decide that the switch to stormtroopers was even justifiable?

My best guess would be that, after watching The Clone Wars, stormtroopers (or clone troopers at the time) possess the ability to think on their feet.  We saw often enough that the droids lacked this ability and would just have a “does not compute” moment and freeze, enabling them to be easily destroyed.

However, the stormtroopers we see in the OT are just as dumb as the droids in the PT.  I give up.  Perhaps as they continue to grow, they slowly become less mindful and more like droids?

Another random thought – Lama Su mentioned that the clones created on Kamino grow in half the time.   So does that mean they also grow old really fast?  It must.  So the prime time for stormtroopers is only about 10-20 years, I’m guessing.  Then they have to constantly order more stormtroopers from Kamino to backfill the ones that are getting older?  Or maybe they don’t even live to get that old so in the end, it doesn’t matter?

This is starting to confuse me…

And speaking of Artoo, since he’s in this scene, why don’t they just take astromech droids brains/wiring, and put them in battle droids?  Artoo can think on his feet, can get anyone out of a tough situation, and is the best droid out there (sorry, Threepio, but I would honestly never want you by my side in a fight)!

There.  Problem solved.

Super battle droids ROTS


R2-D2 notices two SUPER BATTLE DROIDS entering the hangar.  He moves and hides behind a Jedi Starfighter.


7 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #21

  1. I had always assumed that the OT Stormtroopers were normal humans trained and conditioned to uphold the Empire. Reading in the EU definitely gave me that impression, but the Wookiepedia entry on Stormtroopers doesn’t necessarily back that up. Huh…

  2. Yup, the clones do get old really fast, at least according to the EU. They were gradually replaced with regular enlisted humans, and other inferior clones (I believe the Kamino method of cloning was lost?) , which (kind of?) explains why they suck in the OT.

    1. Interesting. Because like Nathan, back when I read EU novels, before the prequels, I remember stuff about OT Stormtroopers being normal humans too. But again, that was before the prequels so they could have changed some of that EU information, or it just doesn’t hold true anymore. But I guess if they are gradually replaced with regular humans, like you say, it would make sense on why they could just keep having so many.

      Do you know anything about if the Empire forced anyone to enlist? Occupied a planet and forced them to be stormtroopers, kind of like slavery? That could be an interesting premise…

    1. Ha! That would be an interesting thought. Also, if you’ve ever watched the revamped DVDs that Lucas made in 2007, he changed all the stormtrooper voices to have Jango Fett’s voice. So that implies that they are all clones still. I can’t remember if the Blu-Ray has that…

      1. Great observation! I actually never watched the ’07 releases; bought them solely for the purpose of watching the “bonus” theatrical releases. Will have to go back and give ’em another viewing…what a shame 😉

  3. “After the Kamino uprising, the Emperor decided an army of genetically identical clones was too susceptible to corruption. Future clones would be bred from a variety of templates. Though the 501st itself remained pure, gradually, the rest of the Imperial Army became more and more diverse. We never really got used to the new guys.” ―Entry from the Journal of the 501st, composed by the retired clone trooper

    This was taken from Wookiepedia.

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