NYCC Anyone?

This is just a shout to see if there will be any WordPress bloggers at New York Comic Con next weekend?  I’d love to meet up with some people…I’ll only be there Friday, but let me know if any one else will be there too!


4 thoughts on “NYCC Anyone?

  1. I won’t be there, but a team of my coworkers will be working the Hallmark booth. If you stop by, look for a middle-aged, silver-haired guy named Kevin Dilmore (he’s also a Star Trek novelist); he’s a good buddy 🙂

      1. Hmmm…. well, he knows the blog but doesn’t normally address me by my alter ego, so you can just tell him Kelly sent you. He’s a pretty big deal around here (whereas I’m not so much), but we concepted a couple of SW greeting cards together that were on display at NYCC last year. I also worked on the packaging for the Keepsake ornaments and SW gifts this year and last, so I guess I’ll be there in spirit haha.

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