Next Week’s Fun

Next week is the largest event my company holds every year.  And I have the pleasure (is that even the right word? lol) of helping out with it.

Last year we went to Vegas, this year we are off to Orlando area.  You know what that means, right?


What, c’mon…you haven’t guessed yet?


Orlando, Disney World, Star Tours
Orlando, Universal Parks, Harry Potter World


Total = a lot of fun


I’m so pumped, to say the least.  Surprisingly, I’m more excited about Harry Potter World than Star Tours because HP world is, well, a WORLD devoted to drenching you in the magic of Harry Potter.  Whereas Star Tours is only one ride, albeit I’ve heard it’s a very good ride, it’s still only one ride in a park with a lot of different other rides.

I’ve been wanting to ride Star Tours since middle school when one of my friends told me about it.  Since middle school, they have updated the ride and it now has something like 54 different variations that you can experience.  Which means, of course, that I need to go on more than once.  I think 6-7 times is appropriate, right?  However, one fear I have is that a lot of people say it’s hard to stomach virtual reality and it makes them nauseous.

When I was younger, I could go on Virtual Reality over and over again but I haven’t been in so many years.  Maybe I’ve changed…what will I do then?  Only go on once?  NEVER!  I guess I could check out the Jedi Academy nearby.  That has to be fun.

Anyway, I’ll be missing from the blogosphere for most of next week, but if anyone has any suggestions for me while I’m in Orlando, please let me know!  I’m so excited!


P.S. I’m also going to the Marvel Super Hero Island with a work event, so suggestions for that too are welcome!


10 thoughts on “Next Week’s Fun

  1. I like the new version of the ride, but I only rode once. My friend lamented that each time she has ridden since the revamp she got the same experience. I think we ended up at Hoth and Naboo.

    1. I’m worried about that too! People have said that there are some variations you get consistently. So I’m crossing my fingers that I get at least 2 or 3 variations of different places to end up!

  2. You’ll love Star Tours! I have a pretty weak stomach and it doesn’t bother me at all. I haven’t ridden the new version yet; last time I was there it was closed for the update. The Jedi Academy is super cute to see, and you have to take a picture on the Endor scout speeder bike nearby. Have fun!

    1. I’ll be taking lots of photos! I’m a little disappointed that Star Tours isn’t in the main park and I have to pay all this money for one ride, but maybe there will be some different ones I want to check out as well.

      1. Hollywood Studios has improved a lot in recent years…if you like coasters, try Rock’n’Roller Coaster. Also the new Toy Story ride is fun, and the Indiana Jones stunt show, too.

        1. I think there’s a PotC ride too? I didn’t know about the Indiana Jones stunt show, so that’ll be fun! I’m also looking forward to the Jedi Training Academy, though I think I’m too old to participate. I leave early tomorrow morning! If you follow my twitter (not sure if you do) I’ll be updating it all day with photos. I’m so excited.

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