Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #86

Wow.  It’s been a long time since I’ve actually read how Jar Jar talked.  As an actor, how would you even think of saying those lines without sounding completely dumb?  I guess you could lower your voice and make it very gravely.  If you think about Jabba’s lines, they weren’t much more than this…I mean, you couldn’t even understand his language.  At least you can understand Jar Jar.  But the fact that Jabba spoke so low and sounded so intimidating, made it seem more impressive.

One thing I did notice immediately in this scene was the fact that Captain Panaka and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lines were switched and for good reason.  I had to backtrack a second when I read those lines and think, “Wait a minute.  Why is my mind saying Obi-Wan’s line in Captain Panaka’s voice?”  I’m glad those lines were switched.  It wouldn’t make sense for Obi-Wan to say something so harsh and grim.

Also, this isn’t in the script but I love when the shot switches to the Queen Amidala decoy (Keira Knightley before she was famous!), Padmé, and her handmaidens hanging around and trying to understand what’s going on with Jar Jar, the Jedi, and the Captain.  It’s just a moment that we’ve all experienced and you can see it on their faces.  What do we do now?  Our plans have fallen apart.  Is there a backup plan?

Short scene, short thoughts.

Also, I think I talked about getting my tattoo on Labor Day weekend.  It didn’t happen.  Honestly – I completely forgot (and, no, I don’t think that was me just avoiding getting it.  I really did forget).  Right now it’s scheduled for the 28th or 29th of September.  I’m not going to forget this time!

Queen amidala decoy, padme, anakin, handmaidens naboo


JAR JAR exits the swamp lake and walks over to QUEEN AMIDALA, CAPTAIN PANAKA, OBI-WAN, and QUI-GON. PADME, EIRTAE, RABE, ANAKIN, and ARTOO, FOUR PILOTS, and EIGHT GUARDS stand in the background near the starship.

JAR JAR: Dare-sa nobody dare. All gone. Some kinda fight, I tink. Sorry, no Gungas… no Gungas.

CAPT. PANAKA: Do you think they have been taken to camps?

OBI-WAN: More likely they were wiped out.

JAR JAR: No… mesa no tink so. Gungan hiden. When in trouble, go to sacred place. Mackineeks no find them dare.

QUI-GON: Do you know where they are?


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