So I mentioned that some exciting things have been happening with my writing, and here it is…I got accepted as a Star Wars contributor to the website WhatCulture.

Once accepted, I was allowed into their admin page to check out the articles that needed to be written.  There was only one Star Wars article, so I claimed it and began writing.  It’s not what I would normally love to write about as I find it a little boring, but hey…it was a good way to start out and get the feel of what they’re looking for.

I’m hoping to do more interesting blog posts in the future, as I can bring up items that I would personally like to write about (anyone have any suggestions?!).  I just need to think of a list that people would be willing to engage in that hasn’t been written before.

Without further ado…http://whatculture.com/film/10-places-every-star-wars-fan-should-visit-on-holiday.php  If you notice any mistakes, please let me know!  Though editors looked at it, I’m sure they’re not as up-to-date on Star Wars info as some of us are and I do want to make sure that whatever I publish there is completely aligned with the Star Wars universe.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. Woohoo congrats! Loved the article, very well researched. If I were picking a Star Wars holiday destination, it would have to be the Mayan temples at the end of Ep IV. I don’t know how accessible they are, though!

    1. Thanks Mei-Mei! I’ll make sure to update when I post more. I did look at the temples, but since they were featured so briefly in the movies, I ended up not going with them. Maybe I can do Part II on this blog, with all the minor split-second shots. Haha. That won’t happen.

      But thanks again!

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