Boston Comic Con Recap

I had way more fun at Boston Comic Con than at ConnectiCon – mainly because I recognized the costumes and…*drumroll please*…my Old Republic Jedi Knight costume is finally done!  I AM SO PUMPED.  Finally, six years later!  And, without further ado, here’s a great photo of me and Batman facing off:

me jedi vs batman boston comic con 2013

(These flickr photos are better though)

All I have left to do in order to join the Rebel Legion is fill out the application, send in the photos, pick a name (I have no idea why I need to pick a name.  What’s wrong with my name now?), and then I should be good to go.  It feels surreal…I found out about the 501st and Rebel Legion 14 years ago, decided I wanted to join six years ago, and lack of money/time/attention really held me back.

But BCC was full of fabulous Marvel, DC, Transformers, TMNJ, Star Wars, and so many other costumes that I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of them.  The amount of effort and creativity (and money, I’m sure) that people put into their costumes just amazes me.  As for panels, I only went on Sunday because of something I couldn’t get out of on Saturday, but the costumes were way more fun than the panels.  I could have wandered the exhibit floor forever just taking it all in.  It was also weirdly satisfying to walk through the floor and have people ask to take photos of me in my cosplay.  Usually it’s the other way around and I’m asking people if I can take a photo of them!

Here are some of the photos of cosplay that are on my instagram account:



However, you can never go to a Con without having a little bit of frustration at other fans (wait, that’s just me?  Oh).

Two moments really irked me.

First – there was a company out there, and I don’t want to say who, but they were selling a shirt that said “Fuck Lucas” in the writing of the opening crawl.  I don’t understand it.  I sought out this booth because I liked a shirt someone in the con was wearing and when I asked where they got it, they directed me to this certain exhibitor.  However, their premise as a company is that they think Lucas ruined Star Wars by creating the prequels, so they are stressing that only the Original Trilogy should count as “Star Wars”.   But, to me, that doesn’t make sense and here is why I got so angry at that shirt:

  1. My main reason I didn’t like it is because Lucas gave us Star Wars.  As much as you might not like the prequels or anything else he’s done, he still gave us the universe we love.  So don’t blast the guy.
  2. The use of a swear word.  Really?  How often will I actually be able to wear this shirt out in public now?  I can’t wear it out shopping or to the supermarket because I have some semblance of respectability.  I want to draw people to the love of Star Wars, not make them think I’m a crazy Star Wars fan.

Second, and this was a bunch of highs and lows, was the Hobbit panel (actors who played Kili and Fili) that I had been dying to see.

Low: We ended up getting to the panel 10 minutes before it was supposed to start because we had been at a Scott Snyder/Batman panel…and it was completely full.  The con staff member (I almost wanted to write “bouncer”) turned us away at the door and I could feel my face just drop.  This was pretty much the only panel I wanted to see at BCC so it was hard to stand there and see the door shut in my face.

High: As we were turning away, the actors walked by, probably saw extreme anguish over my face and said, “Hey, you guys want to get into our panel?  Come with us, we’ll let you in.”  Oh wait, what?!  Did Aidan Turner just talk to us?  And he said to follow him?  Oh my goodness, so cool!  A staff member let us in through the back and we had to stand, but hey, whatever!

Low: Ok, the panel sucked, and not completely because of Aidan and Dean.  I realized why so many people make fun of girls in conventions.  The whole panel felt like I was at a Justin Bieber concert: the majority of the audience members were girls ages 13-17 with lots of screaming, giggling, and horrible/not thought out questions.  I’m trying so hard not to be judgmental, but let’s face it, I was.  I had high expectations for this Q&A and was interested in learning what it was like working with Peter Jackson, what the set was like, stories from the set, etc. and instead I had to listen to incessant questions that had nothing to do with the Hobbit.  Don’t get me wrong – Aidan and Dean are very good looking, but this was a Hobbit panel, not a let-me-fawn-over-you panel.  I also fully acknowledge that I’m a bit of a Tolkien purist (though I try to fight my urges) and when the girls were asking questions that showed they had not read the Hobbit, I just cringed inside.  About one in every eight questions were actually interesting to me and I don’t feel like I learned anything new.  It reminded me of this comic from FoxTrot when LOTR came out:

foxtrot Orlando Bloom has ruined everything

And there I was: judging other female fans through I thought I never would.  All I could think of was, This is why guys make fun of us when we got to cons.  How would they be able to know how serious you are about a subject if they only went to a panel like this?  Sigh.  Live and let live, right?  RIGHT?!  I think I’m being an Elite Fan right now…

So to recap – great cosplay at BCC; blew me away.  I only went to two panels so I can’t speak much about their panels (however – the Scott Snyder panel was really good and more to my taste, I was just out of it a lot of the time because I don’t follow Batman comics).  Exhibit hall left much to be desired in terms of little trinkets as they were mostly selling comics (I know, I know, it’s a comic con), but if you love comics, I’m sure it was great.

Since I have my costume done and will soon be joining the Rebel Legion, I may be getting into these events for free.  The down side is I’d have to work the booth, but that can’t be that bad, because free conning is always a good thing!


6 thoughts on “Boston Comic Con Recap

  1. Ahhhhhh I love the costume!!! Perfect down to the boots! Glad you had such a good time. I’ve never been to a convention, maybe I should start–they seem like fun.

    1. They are fun! Sometimes I go for the panels and sometimes more for the cosplay. BCC was definitely a more cosplay geared event for me, but if there are good panels then you get the best of both worlds. This was unusual that I went to two within a month…usually I go to two a year! Last year I didn’t go to any since we were buying a house and needed to save money.

    1. Interesting. Now what are the differences between the Jedi Assembly and The Rebel Legion? Ok, I get that Jedi Assembly are just Jedi, but why would someone choose to join JA vs RL? You know? I love RL because it’s LFL approved and there is such a variety of costumes and it’s well known. Would you join the RL? If not, why?

      I’m just curious…

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