Aaron Douglas who? (ConnectiCon ramblings)

Well, finally.  I finally went to a con for the first time in over a year.  I try to get to one or two a year, but the last few cons really haven’t interested me.  Unfortunately,  I was only able to go to Friday of this years since I had to leave early Saturday morning for my vacation, but I’ll take what I can get.

This year, however, ConnectiCon grabbed my interest early with four Battlestar Galactica actors!  FOUR!  This blew my mind.  When do you ever see a con with four BSG actors in the same place?  And they were all presenting at a panel on Friday, the one day I could go.  The stars were aligned.

And, to top it all off, my favorite actor in BSG was going to be there…Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief Tyrol for all four seasons and turns out to be a very prominent character.  That’s all I’ll say on that just in case you have not yet seen the series (and if you haven’t, you really should, because it’s amazing).

Let me tell you a little bit about my history with Aaron Douglas.  It’s a sad tale.

chief tyrol

Back when I started watching BSG (2007, I think), I immediately fell in love with Aaron Douglas/Chief Tyrol because he looked like a guy I was dating.  Well, to say “dating” would be an overstatement – let’s just say that I was very into someone who was not very into me.  So instead of showing my feelings for this Unnamed Man of my unrequited love, I transferred my feelings onto this character in BSG.

Makes perfect sense, I know.  Don’t worry – I wasn’t totally obsessed with Aaron Douglas, I realized he was in a TV show and his character does not really exist.  But it’s hard to explain what happened…Unnamed Man didn’t like me, though he continued to string me along and we continued to hook up a lot.  I was trying to play it so cool that he wouldn’t see how much I liked him, that instead I became obsessed with BSG and Aaron Douglas.  In my head, I knew that if I was in BSG with Cylons chasing us to extinction, Chief Tyrol would be in love with me.   And Chief Tyrol looked so much like Unnamed Man that the connection is clear.  Right?

During this time period when I was in college, a local convention was happening and lo and behold – Aaron Douglas was scheduled to be there.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I was so excited.  I signed up for autographs, pictures, and anything where I could get to meet him.  Again, if I can’t make this clear enough, I was so excited.  I was counting down the days I could meet him and get a picture with him.

And then.  And then.  And then three days before the convention, he backed out.  Oh man, I was devastated.  I had worked this up in my head so much.  It was my first experience with local conventions and how flip-flop they can be with actors.  I thought it was going to be like the Star Wars Celebration…when an actor is pinned down, they are going.

Honestly, what was really happening in my life was that I was having a sucky first semester back at college.  My roommate and I were on our way to being ex-best friends, I was still hooking up Unnamed Man that I should have left behind a long time ago, and my birth control was making me kind of depressed and down in the dumps.  This Aaron Douglas meeting was the only shining light and HE BAILED ON ME.  At least, that’s how I looked at it.

So, when I saw that Douglas was showing up at ConnectiCon, I couldn’t help but get excited again.  The days of my obsession with him are long gone, but he still is my favorite character on the show and I have a soft spot for him.

Oh, but guess what?  He bailed on ConnectiCon.  Yup.  I didn’t have a hissy fit or make a big deal out of it this time, but now I’m even more determined to meet him one day.  Oh, and then, another BSG actor bailed.

So, at the end, I was left with seeing Tahmoh Penikett (Helo/Karl Agathon) and Michael Trucco (Sam Anders) at a panel.  I enjoyed it and thought the panel was pretty good for them just walking in and saying “Ask us whatever you want.”  Side note – Michael Trucco is way hotter in real life than on the screen.

Helo bsg                   2013-07-12 16.26.23                   Sam Anders BSG

My initial feelings that the panel might be boring were unfounded and a favorite question that a fan asked was,

“Would you be able to fall in love with a Cylon today?”

It turned into an interesting discourse on robots becoming more and more like humans, and actually reminded me of Epicipseity’s short story “Pushing Daisy.”  Will human beings eventually be able to fall in love with robots if they can look and talk like us?  But they can’t feel, right?  Everything is just a machine, whirring around in their body, so they can’t really feel emotions like we can.  It’s all programmable.  But as we see in BSG, it’s not that simple.  People do fall in love with Cylons and it was a good question to ask.

Other than that panel, which was what I mainly went to the convention for, the other interesting parts of the convention were, of course, the cosplay.

Surprisingly, I was one of the few people dressed in BSG gear, though BSG was a headliner at this con.  I saw tons and tons of Anime and Manga cosplay, which I’m not into at all so I had no idea who they were.  There were some Star Wars costumes, though I heard that there was more Star Wars on Saturday and Sunday.

Another very prevalent cosplay in attendance at ConnectiCon– Homestuck.  What in the world is Homestuck?  You’ve got me.  I didn’t take any pictures of those cosplayers, but they were rampant.  I looked it up when I got home and Homestuck is a webcomic published on MS Paint Adventures.  I’ve tried going through Homestuck on my own, but it really does not hold much appeal for me.  http://bit.ly/18AEQ2s  Feel free and try to figure it out.

Here are some of the greatest pics I did take at Friday’s ConnectiCon (to follow me on instagram: http://instagram.com/krlrix).  My favorites were Flo from Progressive and the Mario Party friends!  Original costumes always crack me up and I wish I could be that creative with costumes (I did once do a Mario Kart costume for Halloween and won the office prize for best costume).  Enjoy some of the cosplay:

Yes, I chose Helo, Sam, and my photo positions on purpose (hands on hips)
Yes, I chose Helo, Sam, and my photo positions on purpose (hands on hips)

Up next month is Boston Comic Con with Kili and Fili!  Unfortunately, their panel is on a Sunday evening (really?!) but I’m still going to try to make it…if they show up.  I’m more seasoned now and always take these smaller cons with a grain of salt because, you know, actors might bail and you just get used to it and have fun enjoying the cosplay of different attendees.


6 thoughts on “Aaron Douglas who? (ConnectiCon ramblings)

    1. Aw thanks, Mei-Mei! Someone actually asked me who I was and I was like …. uh not sure, just BSG off duty cosplay? Then they said I should just be Starbuck because of my hair. Don’t mind being Starbuck! Not at all.

      Both Tahmoh and Sam had wonderful things to say about Katee Sackhoff. She sounds like an interesting actress to work with.

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