Scene it on Friday – AOTC Scene #144

I do love the Geonosian species and found the creatures absolutely fascinating after I saw AOTC.  My brother and I used to go around and try to talk in their language with the clicks and weird hums.

I’m kind of curious about this scene with the Geonosians.  They seem like intelligent, capable beings that can communicate in a really cool language (hey, one thing I liked about AOTC!  The Geonosian language!), have a civilization and even have roles as a Separatist colony…so why are they hanging out in a hallway and then randomly swarm out attacking our protagonists?

Wookiepedia to the rescue as usual.

Geonosians live underground to escape radiation that affected the top layer of the planet.  The hallways had a special place within their society as

“the hives were connected to one another by way of kilometer long populated tunnels that extended beneath the surface of the planet. Each of the hives guarded their own tunnels with vigilance. Great wars were fought periodically for control of the great hives with such engagements being fought within the tunnels networks. Such warfare often included sabotage with the use of sonic mines being deployed within a rivals tunnel. Geonosian sentries were often on the lookout for invaders against the hive that ranged from either native animals or drones from a rival. The motivations of such intruders were anything from raids, sabotage or assassination.”

That would explain why they randomly came out to attack Anakin and Padmé with no questions asked.  They probably thought they were sent by rivals and learned from experience that it’s better to not ask questions and attack first.

I’m curious as to whether this location next to the droid factory was actually a location of a lower caste.  Wookiepedia explains how the Geonosians have an extreme caste system and that “Geonosian society existed for the benefit of the elite of Geonosian society.”  I can’t imagine the rarely used space right next to a factory would be something Geonosians would fight over.  But what do I know?  I’m not a “semi or quasi insectoid sentient species.”  Gotta love Wookiepedia.

Star Wars Expanded Universe information right there for you.  G-YEAH (yes, I just imitated Ryan Lochte)!

Other than that, I believe that this is the beginning of the stupidest segment in Attack of the Clones.  This confirmed my disbelief that the movie was getting worse as it went on.  After this scene, when we get to that stupid droid factory segment…painful, painful.  However – I will spare everyone today from my complaints and wait until I actually get a scene from the droid factory.

padme anakin droid factory beginning


ANAKIN and PADMÉ start forward. As they pass, the surface of the pillars seems to pulse slowly and move. High above, WINGED CREATURES grow from the pillars and detach themselves.


ANAKIN turns as one of the WINGED CREATURES attacks him. Lightsaber blazing, ANAKIN cuts down three creatures as PADMÉ exits through a far doorway. He reaches PADMÉ and they both stand on the edge of a short walkway extending over a deep crevasse. The door behind them closes, stranding the two. The walkway retracts and PADMÉ slips and then jumps down onto a conveyor belt leading into the droid factory.

ANAKIN: Padmé!

ANAKIN jumps down and slashes more WINGED CREATURES while attempting to reach PADMÉ. PADMÉ makes her way across stamping machines and welders as ANAKIN follows, beating back WINGED CREATURES.



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