Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #104

Now, did Captain Panaka know the decoy (Keira Knightley woo!) would show up later?  Did Padmé even know that her decoy would show up?  Or did she just realize that they were in a pretty hopeless situation?  Or was she hoping that sometime in the next few minutes, the droid control center would be blown up and the droids would be disabled?  I guess she had a plan A, B, and C – so way to go Padmé!

I really do love Captain Panaka.  He had no problems saying what he thought, but when it came down to it, he was fiercely loyal to his government and who he was supposed to protect.  If you notice – the last two lines of this are not in the final film version and I’m glad they cut it.  At this moment of pressure, you don’t want dissention among the ranks.  You want to portray the group as one cohesive unit under the strong leadership of their queen.  (I did look up what draft version this is and it’s the “Revised Second Draft” from 1997)

Boring scene.  Again.

padme surrounded by destroyers


A window in the hallway blasts apart. PADME, CAPTAIN PANAKA, and HER SOLDIERS climb into the hallway. They head for the door to the throne room. Suddenly, two DESTROYER DROIDS skitter in front of the door. PADME turns around and sees TWO MORE appear at the far end of the hallway, trapping them in the middle.

PADME throws down her pistol and turns to CAPTAIN PANAKA.

PADME: Throw down your weapons. They win this round.

CAPT. PANAKA: But we can’t….

PADME: Captain, I said throw down your weapons.

CAPTAIN PANAKA and HIS MEN throw down their weapons.


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