Scene it on Friday – ROTS #154

Speak of the devil!  I just wrote about good ol’ Bail Organa in my last post and he shows up again.  Unfortunately, my random number generator has given me two very boring scenes the last two weeks in a row.

BUT as I was watching the movie, trying to find this scene…guess what?  Yup, it doesn’t exist.  Normally that makes me excited, but not this time.  Obviously the scene was cut because it took up a few seconds of time that just wasn’t needed.  The next scene is the Tantive IV taking off into space with Bail Organa onboard and that’s all we needed to see to infer what has happened.

However – it is a little interesting that Royal Guards stop him on his way to his ship.  What in the world are the Emperor’s Royal Guards doing in a landing platform?  Don’t they normally just stay by the Emperor?  I can’t even imagine the Imperial Guard doing something so menial as checking ID cards of senators who are boarding their ship.  Seems more of a Clone Trooper task to me.  Meh, perhaps Emperor Palpatine asked them to screen everyone leaving Coruscant, especially senators.  I’m not going to spend too much thought on this as it never made it into the movie.

Imperial guard

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and you take a moment to honor those who died serving our country.  Not just those in recent wars, but also those who fought in the Revolutionary War to free us from under Britain, in the Civil War to keep us as a unified country, WWI and WWI, Vietnam, and the Gulf War.

And I hope you have better weather than 50 degrees and raining which is what our forecast is shaping up to be.

Imperial guard star wars


BAIL ORGANA walks out of a tunnel onto a huge underground platform with two of his AIDES. He is stopped by TWO ROYAL GUARDS.

ROYAL GUARD: Identification…

BAIL ORGANA: Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan.

BAIL and his AIDES hand them their ID cards. The ROYAL GUARDS check them over and give them back, then BAIL and his CREW walk on board his Starship.


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