Scene it on Friday – AOTC Scene #46

There is honestly not much I can go into here…which is probably a good thing since my AOTC Scene it on Friday’s usually end up with me somehow complaining about how much I don’t enjoy this movie.

However – I can tell you that the Jedi Temple was also known as the Palace of the Jedi, which seems a little un-Jedi, if you ask me.  I also learned in The Clone Wars that it was locked off to anyone other than Jedi and personnel who had high security clearance – hence why at the end of Season 5, it was so unfathomable that someone would set off a bomb inside of it.

Jedi temple

Ok, since I’m done talking about this small scene, there a few other random things that I’ve been meaning to post here but kept forgetting.

Firstly – when it was announced The Clone Wars was not renewing a few months ago, fans started “Save the Clone Wars.”  I mentioned it in one of my older posts and how they were urging Star Wars fans to send letters to Kathleen Kennedy and trend #savetheclonewars on twitter.  Well, Kathleen finally responded earlier this month, and you can see the response here on the Club Jade blog (awesome blog, by the way, I highly suggest following it).  I kept meaning to post this earlier, but forgot.  Sorry!

Secondly – Her Universe’s creator and voice of Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein, is promoting “Year of the Fan Girl” on her blog.  Every day she highlights a fan girl and uses her blog/website to encourage girls to be proud of their geekiness.  I would love to be nominated (I have no shame)!  But in all seriousness – I think this is a great platform and so if you know of any girl who deserves this recognition, please nominate them.  Girls in the geek world are growing, but we continue to need some respect from our fellow men who still dominate the genre.  Nominate someone here:

Have a great weekend and MTFBWY.

jedi temple photo


The main entrance at the base of the huge Temple is bustling with activity. All sorts of JEDI are coming and going.


2 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – AOTC Scene #46

  1. While we’re on a post of random postings… I’m wondering if you’ve seen the new Star Trek and what you think about it? I think its interesting to see how J.J. handles the “other” big, decade-spanning, mega-dollar, sci-fi franchise before taking the helm in that galaxy far, far away.

    Also, have you seen the Comediva’s Bonjour Star Wars video? It’s kinda great.

    1. I have not seen ST yet, but I’m super pumped to see it! When I saw it in 2009, I was embarrassed at how much I liked it. But now I’m embracing it because it looks awesome. Hopefully it’s just an all around great sci-fi movie. A lot of people talk about JJ’s “lens flare” trick to make the movies look newer and different, but I don’t mind it at all. He does so much more than a lens flare and I am actually in the camp that thinks it makes the movie kind of cooler looking. I have no problem if he does it with Star Wars, as long as the storyline is good. And he was pretty secretive about this latest ST movie, so I’m hoping that he will also be secretive with SW (however – there is a new theory swirling about on Twitter that Disney is not secretive at all so it will be interesting how it plays out).

      And yes – I saw that Comediva video…it deserves way more views! I think it’s brilliantly done and pretty funny. Much better than my videos.

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