A New Addition to Our Family

I’ve missed blogging!  It’s funny how when I don’t have time to blog, I find myself drawn back to it and I miss updating this little hub with Star Wars thoughts, news, etc.  I was traveling on business last week and had no time to sit and blog and I’ve missed it!  When your writing has no outlet, where do all your thoughts go?  I feel like they get crammed inside of me, about to burst if I don’t sit down with a pen (or in front of a computer).

I’d like to preface this post by saying I’ve never been very good at poems.  My poetry is not very sophisticated and there is only one poem of mine that I think is excellent.  I did try to send it in to poetry magazines, but it got rejected or was too long for their requirements.  No matter – I still think it’s a commendable poem even if may not be deep enough for the Poetry Lords and Ladies.

Here’s my latest attempt at poetry and I hope you enjoy.  I made it up on the plane on the way back home.

There once was a husband and wife

Who had a very nice life

But despite all their kissing

They knew something was missing

A little bird was all they had

And they decided they needed a dog real bad

After many months of searching

They saw a trend emerging

All the cute shelter dogs were taken

But they knew one had to be forsaken!

So they continued to look

Until they found one that grabbed them like a hook

The dog’s name was Chewbacca

And the wife had a moment of “A-ha!”

Could this really be the one?

Was all their searching done?

You can probably guess how the story ends

They ultimately found their “man’s best friend”

What makes this story really great

Is how they found their ship’s first mate

Yup!  We have a dog.  And, actually, it’s female, not male, but we’re keeping her name of Chewbacca and calling her Chewie for short because…really…how could we change that name?  She was a street dog in Georgia and was going to be euthanized and a shelter up here rescued her and brought her up.

They were having trouble finding her a home because she was so “ugly”.  She is actually not that ugly, we find her cute, but she has this massive under bite.  For both those reasons, the shelter owner named her Chewbacca.

We have been looking for the “perfect” dog for a few months now – long hair, non-shedding, good with other pets, dogs, people, kids, etc.  Whenever we tried to adopt one that we thought would suit us, they were either already adopted or we were rejected because we both work full time.

But then, one day, while just browsing petfinder.com, I came upon this dog named Chewbacca.  And you know me – IT WAS A SIGN.  I had to click.  Before you knew it, we were on our way to adopting her.  God has a wicked sense of humor, but go figure that the dog we adopt was named after a Star Wars character.

It’s funny how life plays out.


5 thoughts on “A New Addition to Our Family

  1. Awww! That is one perfectly named and appropriate walking carpet! I’m so psyched for you, and know that he’s going to be given lots of love. Enjoy!

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