And So It Is: The Demise of LucasArts

After The Clone Wars and Detours stopped production, rumors have been swirling that LucasArts could be shutting down as well after numerous layoffs.  And it’s happened.

I mean – I’m not a huge gamer.  I dabbled in KOTOR (but I believe that’s BioWare) but couldn’t get past one level, so I gave up.  Same thing happened with Star Wars: Rogue Leader for GameCube.  I tried but the Hoth level really stumped me.  So I’m not wailing in distress over here that LucasArts has shut down.

However, I was pretty pumped about Star Wars 1313 and production on that game looks like it’s cancelled.  They seemed to look into options for licensing it out, but doesn’t seem like it happened.

Man, oh man, though.  Can you imagine working so hard on that game to only have it be discarded?  Perhaps that’s the nature of the beast when working for a gaming company, but wow.  All that hard work for nothing.

But does this mean we’ll eventually see more Star Wars games for PS3 and xbox, just under a different company?  Or will new games tie into the movies like everything else seems to be doing?  Or will we only be seeing a push in mobile gaming?

Anyway, thought I’d give a quick update.  More details can be found here:


2 thoughts on “And So It Is: The Demise of LucasArts

  1. That’s so darn sad…My very first video game was Dark Forces, Jedi Knight II. It was incredible (for its day). How the mighty have fallen…

    1. Well, you never know…I’m wondering where this will lead for Star Wars games. I know I’m probably less sad than most because I’m not a gamer but I’m very curious to see where this leads.

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