Geek out!

It’s another Geek Out day!  Some updates in the geek world…

Lucasfilm has been experiencing some layoffs.  Most of their animation department has been let go, according to (and numerous other tweets/links in the sci-fi world).  Unfortunately, this includes a lot positions that were working on Detours and The Clone Wars.  I mean, we should have seen this coming.  People are upset about this, rightfully so, because it means TCW really won’t be returning.   The extra/bonus content they promised is supposedly still on the way, but I wouldn’t expect to see any real episodes returning to the TV.  It’s sad that Detours got the ax before even stepping out the door (I’m a big fan of Seth Green), but it looks like Disney would like to revamp the animation department.  I mean – they do own Pixar after all…just saying.  And Pixar is pretty kick ass so having a new Star Wars TV show completely done by Pixar, well, I would put my faith in that.  Article can be found here.

For those really upset, feeling maligned, and just downright perturbed the realization that TCW has been canceled, a twitter protest is being staged!  Star Wars Underworld is not necessarily asking that TCW continue indefinitely, just that it be allowed to “continue to its planned ending”.   Personally, I thought the ending was great, but we do know there were more storylines in the works so my guess is that they want to see those storylines on TV.  They are rallying fans to the twitter protest and hope that Disney takes notice of #SaveTheCloneWars.  In the wonderful words of Han Solo, “Good luck!  You’re gonna need it.”  It will take a lot to see a big corporation like Disney give into demands.  But who knows?  This could be the next Rebellion vs. Empire in the real world.  The direct link to keep updated on this news would be the straight up  Otherwise, you can find more info on

Alas, rumor has it that Star Wars: 1313 (the video game that even I was psyched to play!) is now “on hold” and may never see the light of day.  LucasArts did say that the Disney buyout would not affect 1313, but now reports are saying otherwise.  This delay that they’re claiming could be just stalling for time to announce that it will never happen.  BUT THE GAME LOOKS SO GOOD.  Ah, yes, I know.  Honestly – I’m a little surprised that Lucasfilm Animation is going first – I really expected it to be LucasArts.  Only because when the announcement was made in October, I remember them saying that they were going to try to focus the gaming aspects of Lucasfilm into mobile games, where it was sorely lacking.  They claimed that’s the way the world is going, so that’s what needs to happen.  In a way they’re right, but there are gamers out there who love and cherish their xbox and PS3 and I think they’re still a strong force in our geek community.  An interesting article on this development can be found here.

Finally, anyone interested in March Madness?  No?  Well, there’s a Star Wars March Madness going on right now at!  I’ve been voting everyday and it’s been fun to see the showdown of good guys vs. bad guys.  Join in the fun!

Until next time – remember to keep geeking out!


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