Scene it on Friday – TPM Scene #99

Hello everyone!  It seems like every time I sit down to write my Scene It’s on a Friday, there’s snow.  The Force is not with us here in New England.  You will never find a more wretched hive of snowflakes and ice.  Sigh.  Why is it not done yet???

I thought having a scene be #99 would be super cool and an awesome scene.  Just because it’s #99.  Well, it’s a short scene and I feel like I’ve written on the TPM lightsaber battle at least 2-3 times already.

However, one thing did catch my eye.  As I was sifting through pictures of the Theed power generator, I was really curious to find out what the big purple tubes were.  They look like they have fire or liquid running through them.  I turned to my awesome friend, Wookiepedia, to help me solve this mystery.

The Theed Power Generator Pit, so written by George Lucas, is actually the Plasma Refinery Complex.  Why they changed the name is beyond me.  If the Maker wants it to be a Power Generator Pit, then it should be a Power Generator Pit.  Looks like they try to explain it off as the Power Generator Pit is a small portion inside the Plasma Refinery Complex.

The weird purple tubes are plasma being taken out of the planet’s core for energy were known as an Extracting Shaft.  However, the plasma was not just used for Naboo, but also was a valuable export.  The Hanger where all the ships were was purposefully built right next to the Complex so that plasma could be easily pumped into the N-1 Starfighters and the Naboo Royal Space Fighters.  That’s why when Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon were fighting Darth Maul, they transitioned easily from a place of activity to a place where no one was.

Oh, oh, oh!  This is exciting though: the red doors that Obi-Wan couldn’t get through are laser gates that would lock into position to “hold back potentially dangerous quantities of power outputs.”  Ah HA!  That’s the first satisfying answer I have ever received regarding those doors and I know I’ve tried to research it before.  Who knew it was under Plasma Refinery Complex in Wookiepedia?  And the core that Darth Maul’s severed body fell into goes to the massive reactor unit.

Ok, so that was a tangent and not everything is related to this scene, but at least I finally got a suitable answer to the red laser gates.

Theed power generator area


The SITH LORD drives the JEDI out of the hanger and into the power generator area next door.


Three swords are crossed in an intense display of swordmanship. The JEDI and the SITH LORD fight their way across the narrow bridge of the Theed power generator. DARTH MAUL jumps onto the bridge above them. The JEDI follow, one in front of the SITH LORD and one behind. They continue their sword fight.


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