Scene it on Friday – ESB Scene #6

Finally!  I get a Hoth scene.  I love the Hoth scenes because no matter how many times I watch ESB (in fact, I just watched ESB last weekend), I still am gripped with suspense over the whole Hoth sequence.  This scene is also appropriate since we have ANOTHER snowstorm headed our way for this weekend.  Let me tell you, if you don’t often get snow where you live – you’re lucky.  Embrace the feeling of earth beneath your feet, the lack of salt on your cars, the lower heating bills and the lighter jackets.  I could go on, but you don’t want to get me started more so than I already am.

One of the first things I noticed about this scene when I was watching it, or even now just reading over it, is that it’s the first reference to something “Earthly” in the whole OT.  Han says, “Then I’ll see you in hell!”  Hell is from our Earth culture and Science Fiction usually creates their own religions within their stories so this sentence really stands out.

Han, I'll see you in hell

Go ahead and type in “Han Solo I’ll see you in hell” into Google.  This line throws off tons of people and I’m sure others noticed it right away when watching it, like I did.  There are discussions on this all over Google, but what stood out to me is that the good ol’ EU picked up the pieces and patched it all together.

The Corellion Religion, according to Wookiepedia, believed in nine separate hells, but there was a lot of discrepancies among the actual people of Corellia since Han Solo used the singular form of Hell.  So, there’s my answer.  Gotta love the EU.  It notices every single discontinuity in the movies and makes up for it.

Another interesting point of note: this is the beginning of Han Solo and C-3PO’s rapport with each other (if you can even call it rapport).  I love how Han covers his mouth when he’s trying to talk and the droid actually stops talking.  In ANH, we definitely had Luke and Threepio having a bit of witty dialogue but Luke always treated Threepio more as a human, than Han who looks at him as an extreme annoyance.   But it definitely gives a defining characteristic to this movie and I can’t imagine this movie without Threepio constantly shouting out the odds of survival and Han’s fast comebacks.

Finally, we see the comment about Leia’s clothes being all wet.  I was browsing online and read an excerpt from Finding the Force of the Star Wars Franchise: Fans, Merchandise, & Critics by Matthew Kapell and John Lawrence where they analyzed this statement.  On the outside, they were arguing, it’s innocent banter between Artoo and Threepio, but what it actually represents is a “thawing” of Leia through her love with Han.  Her “sexual awakening” is coming on, due to the dashing “worldy and hypermasculine Han Solo.”

I read a little more of the book that was available online and I may end up trying to buy a used copy of this book, because it seems really interesting (go to google books and put the title in…should be the first book that comes up).  It interests me, only because I completely and totally miss symbolism in every single movie/book/poem.  Is this symbolism that they are discussing George Lucas’ real intent?  Probably not, but I like reading the arguments nevertheless.

Leia's thawing

Leia’s beginning to thaw…but I don’t think the authors meant Threepio would be the one helping her!



 A familiar stream of beeps and whistles herald the approach of Artoo-Detoo and See-Threepio, who appear around a corner and move along an ice wall toward the main hangar.

 THREEPIO: Don’t try to blame me. I didn’t ask you to turn on the thermal heater. I merely commented that it was freezing in the princess’s chamber. But it’s supposed to be freezing. How are we going to dry out all her clothes? I really don’t know.

 Artoo beeps a stream of protesting whistles.

 THREEPIO: Oh, switch off.

 Artoo razzes again to get in the last word.


 The two robots stop at Han Solo’s space freighter. Han and Chewie are struggling with their central lifters.

 HAN: (to Chewie) Why do you take this apart now? I’m trying to get us out of here and you pull both of these.

 Chewie grumbles in irritation.

 THREEPIO: Excuse me, sir.

 HAN: (to Chewie) Put them back together right now.

 THREEPIO: Might I have a word with you, please?

 HAN: What do you want?

 THREEPIO: Well, it’s Princess Leia, sir. She’s been trying to get you on the communicator.

 HAN: I turned it off. I don’t want to talk to her.

 THREEPIO: Oh. Well, Princess Leia is wondering about Master Luke. He hasn’t come back yet. She doesn’t know where he is.

 HAN: I don’t know where he is.

 THREEPIO: Nobody knows where he is.

 HAN: What do you mean, “nobody knows”?

 Han glances at the fading light at the entrance of the ice cave as night slowly begins to fall on the planet.

 THREEPIO: Well, uh, you see…

 Han jumps down off the lift, as Threepio follows him.

 HAN: Deck Officer. Deck Officer!

 THREEPIO: Excuse me, sir. Might I inqu-…

 Han abruptly puts his hand over Threepio’s mouth as the deck officer approaches.

 DECK OFFICER: Yes, sir?

 HAN: Do you know where Commander Skywalker is?

 DECK OFFICER: I haven’t seen him. It’s possible he came in through the south entrance.

 HAN: It’s possible? Why don’t you go find out? It’s getting dark out there.

 DECK OFFICER: Yes, sir.

 The deck officer leaves hurriedly, as Han takes his hand off Threepio’s mouth.

 THREEPIO: Excuse me, sir. Might I inquire what’s going on?

 HAN: Why not?

 THREEPIO: Impossible man. Come along, Artoo, lets find Princess Leia. Between ourselves, I think Master Luke is in considerable danger.


 The deck officer and his assistant hurry toward Han as he enters the tunnel.

 DECK OFFICER: Sir, Commander Skywalker hasn’t come in through the south entrance. He might have forgotten to check in.

 HAN: Not likely. Are the speeders ready?

 DECK OFFICER: Not yet. We’re having some trouble adapting them to the cold.

 HAN: Then we’ll have to go out on Tauntauns.

 DECK OFFICER: Sir, the temperature’s dropping too rapidly.

 HAN: That’s right. And my friend’s out in it.

 ASSISTANT OFFICER: I’ll cover sector twelve. Have com-control set screen alpha.

 Han pushes through the troops and mounts a Tauntaun.

 DECK OFFICER: Your Tauntaun’ll freeze before you reach the first marker.

 HAN: Then I’ll see you in hell!

 Han maneuvers his mount out of the cave and races into the dark bitter night.


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