Scene it on Friday – AOTC Scene #22

It’s hard to imagine a place in the USA right now that isn’t being inundated with news reports of the “snowpocalypse” that is headed our way.  Yet I know that just in Maryland, the weather is raining and much better than here.  It’s already started snowing and the worst of it hasn’t even hit yet.  Good news though – I am working from home!  That is always a wonderful thing.  Until the heat and electricity dies…but here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen and we have plenty of Jagermeister in case we need to keep warm.

As such, I was really hoping to do a Scene it on Friday that takes place on Hoth.  I’m feeling the Hoth mood right now with the freezing temperatures and feet upon feet of snow.  But it was not to be and instead I am stuck with my least favorite movie – AOTC – and a short scene.  I almost cheated and picked ESB, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Despite how short this scene is, we do find two interesting lines spoken about the soon-to-be Emperor and their views on him.  Anakin, of course, thinks the Palpatine is not corrupt, no, not at all.  Obi-Wan is of a different mindset and even without knowing anything else about the other scenes surrounding this one, just his statement that “Palpatine’s a politician,” seems to be a polite rebuttal to what Anakin thinks.  There is also an unsaid undertone to what Obi-Wan is saying.  He’s a politician; they are all corrupt.

We see these two contrasting viewpoints in this short scene that define the rest of the saga.  Obi-Wan probably senses something unusual/slimey about Palpatine already, but is blaming it on the fact that he’s a powerful politician in the Senate.  On the other hand, Anakin trusts him completely and perhaps meets with Palpatine quite often.  The question is, if they meet outside what we see in this movie, is Palpatine using the Force to blind Anakin to his Dark Side or is he just manipulating Anakin by preying on his weaknesses?  Probably a combination of both.

What I do appreciate about this scene is the fact that these two lines are very telling for the rest of the prequels.  It’s almost like you can take this scene out of the movie and go, “Ah, yes, it begins here.”

Anakin and Obi-Wan Padme Apartment


ANAKIN and OBI-WAN continue their conversation, walking back into the main room.

ANAKIN: …and besides, you’re generalizing. The Chancellor doesn’t appear to be corrupt.

OBI-WAN: Palpatine’s a politician.


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