Great Article

I read this article/essay today by Emily Asher-Perrin (in my opinion, she writes some of the best essays on Star Wars) and I had to share it with you all.

As you may or may not remember, Camille Paglia claimed that George Lucas was the greatest artist of all time and ROTS is the pinnacle of his creation.  It created a lot of controversy, confusion, or just plain anger over the internet from critics.  (Article can be found here)

So what Ms. Asher-Perrin did was take the argument of Ms. Paglia (who claimed Lucas is primarily a visual artist…Lucas himself says he is “picture-oriented”) and watch the prequels on mute/silent.  Sound was completely off.  Ms. Asher-Perrin wanted to get the full effect of the prequels as art.

Anyway, very interesting experiment and I encourage you to check out her article:


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