Working Space

One of my followers (and I follow his blog), epicipseity, had a post the other day showing his working space and where he writes.  If you haven’t read his blog/science fiction work, I highly recommend it!  You can find him at

Anyway, I just loved seeing his desk.  It’s so cool to see where people work when they write and thus, so inspired, I decided to do the same and let you see where I work.

First off: my work desk/cube!  Though I do not write full posts from this area, a lot of my inspiration (if you can call it that) comes from where I spend 8 hours of my day.  Often, I’ll pull up a file in my dropbox reserved for blog notes and I’ll jot down a note here or there that I think I may want to write about.

2013-01-14 08.38.50

As you can see, it’s scattered with Star Wars stuff.  I have the left hand side near the window that has random Star Wars paraphernalia I have collected from coworkers over the past 3 years.  The little Yoda stuffed animal was given to me by my good friend here in the office and he talks too!  My desk is littered with pics of my favorite Star Wars characters (taken from the 2011 day-at-a-time calendar), so hence the Luke and Oola pic.  We’ve also got my new calendar on the right, with my desktop that rotates a different Star Wars picture every hour.  I love the desktop wallpaper shuffle option and not knowing what I’ll get, but it is embarrassing when I’m in a meeting and trying to start a webinar and there is good ol’ Darth Vader staring at you.  My flowchart keeps me sane on the crazy days and can be found here.

When I’m on the phone, I’m generally looking in this area:

2013-01-14 08.36.09

I mentioned in one of my Scene it on Friday’s that Mr. Reticent and I had Star Wars names for upper level people in our office.  You can see here that Salacious Crumb and Watto refer to two of said people.  Salacious Crumb’s pic is near one person’s office and Watto is near the other as an amusing reminder to myself.  My mom cut out the Heart and the City comic for me and the girl is saying, “It’s too early to deal with Darth Vader.”  With the boys response, “Sorry.  Boba Fett is at the cleaners.”  Cute.  Darth Vader is just there so that I can look at him when I’m dealing with someone extremely frustrating on the phone and drinking tea out of my Mount Holyoke mug (did I ever mention I love tea?  It’s my other obsession).

Finally, we have my work space at home where I compile my thoughts and write a post:

2013-01-14 08.03.00

Notice there is nothing related to Star Wars and the reason for that is (1) all my Star Wars stuff is neatly and nicely compiled on the other side of the room on display and (2) my husband uses the computer way more than I do so it’s almost like it’s “his” computer.  So there is no Star Wars stuff, but somehow I manage. 😉

Sorry if no one found this interesting but I love seeing where people work!

2 thoughts on “Working Space

  1. I find this more fascinating than you’d imagine. I always wonder if my workspace is helping me or hurting me. Great post!

    1. Tom – welcome to my blog! My workspace helps AND hurts me. I actually find it a lot easier to concentrate on our computer at home because there is nothing of “mine” to distract me. That computer is specifically for working on my blogs, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, etc so the area is very conducive for my work ethic.
      My husband, on the other hand, is so distracted on that computer and will stay on for hours probably because it is his place to relax and wander the internet-sphere.
      My work computer definitely is more distracting. I have my cute toys, Star Wars stuff, and though I work all the time on it…it’s just more distracting. Could also have to do with the fact that I’m there for 8 hours everyday.
      You should post a pic of your workspace! I find it fascinating as well 🙂

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