January 10th Calendar Fact

This post is clearly written because I’m procrastinating…

I still haven’t written my self review and it’s due tomorrow…I need the motivation I have for writing about Star Wars for my self review.

Every year, I own the 365 day-at-a-time Star Wars calendar.  Last year it was all scenes from the movies, this year, it’s facts from Star Wars.  Most of the facts have been pretty lame, like “Luke Skywalker and other rebels road Tauntauns on the ice planet of Hoth” or around those lines.

Today though, the fact is “If a Jedi ignites his lightsaber, he must be ready to take a life.” –The Jedi Code.  This is the first non-movie based/EU fact they’ve thrown out there.

Took this photo at my desk as proof lol
Took this photo at my desk as proof lol

It’s interesting that this comes up right when I was so curious after writing about last week’s Scene it on Friday.  I have been thinking a lot of about Jedi and never attacking first with their lightsaber.  I also was curious as to whether igniting your lightsaber immediately invites an attack and if so, does it count as an attack?

So of course, I travel to my handy dandy Wookiepedia and I find this fact in there, but guess where it comes from???   The 2013 Star Wars day-at-a-time calendar, so someone must have just added that in today.   This calendar is telling me lies because the rest of the information on the Jedi Code seems to contradict it.

This one section in Wookiepedia says “A sizable number of Jedi, in training, confused the meanings of attack, defense and aggression. Thus Younglings were taught that it was possible for a Jedi to strike without aggression, so long as they acted without recklessness, hatred or anger. A Jedi was permitted to kill in self-defense—only if there was no other option. However, Jedi instructors taught their students that killing, no matter what the circumstances, was not to become commonplace. To conquer aggression, even in combat, a Jedi must have explored every other option, including surrender, before resorting to using lethal force.”

Conclusion: this Star Wars calendar made up a fact in the Jedi Code that I don’t think should be in there.  Stupid thing for me to get worked up about, I know, but really Lucasfilm??  If you are going to make this calendar, please try to be consistent with the EU (or you could argue – even the movies).  There are always deeper meanings one could argue in favor of the calendar Jedi Code quote, but I’m not buying them.

Rant over.

In other news, because I was on the Jedi Code Wookiepedia page, I found out that an exception was made for Ki-Adi-Mundi in terms of marriage and he had several wives!  Why didn’t I find that when I was doing research for my “Love Within the Jedi” post?  I guess he was allowed to marry several of his species because of low birth rate, but he tried to avoid emotional attachment to them.

I really have to write my self review and stop procrastinating.


2 thoughts on “January 10th Calendar Fact

  1. To me it sounds like someone has transplanted the myth that a samurai must draw blood before the sword is placed back into the scabbard into the Star Wars universes.

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