Scene it on Friday – ROTJ Scene #35

I love this scene!  It always makes me laugh.  I also think this is the first Scene it on Friday I’ve done that has the “bad feeling” classic line.

C-3PO as a God...who would've thought that would happen?
C-3PO as a God…who would’ve thought that would happen?

I actually don’t mind the Ewoks and don’t understand the huge hatred that others have against them.  I understand why people don’t like Jar Jar, but I can’t get the Ewok hate.  Because they look like teddy bears?  Because George was going for the cute factor?  I’ve read forums where people think that the Ewoks just look silly and by placing them in the movie to fight the Empire, it makes the Empire look weak and easily defeated.  The intimidation of the Empire is lost.  I’ve heard others complain that it was just a huge marketing ploy to make more money off of.

I don’t mind them.  At all.  And I’ve also heard that Georgie originally created them as a juxtaposition of the Empire: these small creatures can take down a technologically advanced “civilization” with their primitive instruments.  It kind of reminds me of Tolkien and the end of Return of the King (novel, not movie) with the scouring of the Shire.  I like where George is going with this thought and it doesn’t bother me at all that the Empire lost their intimidation.  The Ewoks won a battle, not the war.  The Empire could easily destroy all the Ewoks if they so desired…it just happened that the battle the Ewoks helped win coincided with the winning of the war.

Threepio is in his element in this scene and cracks me up.  He doesn’t seem to understand the danger at stake and I love this.  His friends are going to be burned and eaten during a banquet in his honor and he’s…embarrassed?  Hahaha.  Not even Leia can help the Ewoks change their mind about the banquet.

One of my favorite parts of this scene when I was younger was when Luke made Threepio float/fly through the air and how freaked out Threepio gets.  I guess I like it because it really shows Luke’s new power well and how calm he stays in the situation.  While Han is frantically trying to blow out the large flame on the Tiki torch, Luke just uses the Force to and smarts to guide them all out of the situation.  He also knows how to deal with Threepio better than anyone else, which could help explain some of the calmness but it’s a big change from Idiot Farmboy to calm and in control Jedi.

Han's about to be made into the main course
Han’s about to be made into the main course



 A procession of Ewoks winds through the ever-darkening forest.  Their prisoners – Han, Luke, Chewie, and Artoo – are tied to long poles and wrapped in vines, cocoonlike.

 Each pole is carried on the shoulders of several Ewoks. Behind the captives, Threepio is carried on a litter, like a king, by the remaining creatures.


 The procession moves along a shaky, narrow, wooden walkway, high in the giant trees. It stops at the end of the walkway, which drops off into nothingness. On the other side of the abyss is a village of mud huts and rickety walkways, attached to the giant trees. The lead Ewok takes hold of a long vine and swings across to the village square; the other Ewoks follow suit.


 The procession winds its way into the village square. Mother Ewoks gather their babies up and scurry into their huts at the sight of the newcomers. The group stops before the largest hut.

 Han, Luke, Chewie, and Artoo are still bound to their poles. Han is placed on a spit above what looks like a barbecue pit and the others are leaned against a tree nearby. Threepio’s litter/throne is gently placed near the pit. He watches with rapt fascination. Han, Luke, and Chewie are less than fascinated.

 HAN: I have a really bad feeling about this.

 Chewie growls his concern.

 Suddenly all activity stops as LOGRAY, the tribal Medicine Man, comes out of the big hut. He examines the captives carefully, goes to join Threepio, whose throne has been placed on an elevated platform. A larger, gray-haired Ewok, CHIEF CHIRPA, is examining Luke’s lightsaber with great curiosity.

 Logray speaks to Threepio and the assemblage of fuzzy Ewoks, pointing to the prisoners tied to the stakes. The Ewoks begin filling the pit under Han with firewood.

 HAN: What did he say?

 THREEPIO: I’m rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor.

 The drums start beating, and all the furry heads turn to the large hut. Leia emerges, wearing an animal-skin dress. She sees what’s happening at the same moment the prisoners see her.

 HAN and LUKE: Leia!

 As she moves toward them, the Ewoks block her way with raised spears.

 LEIA: Oh!

 THREEPIO: Your Royal Highness.

 Artoo and Chewie chime in with their welcome. Leia looks at the assembled Ewoks and sighs.

 LEIA: But these are my friends. Threepio, tell them they must be set free.

 Threepio talks to Chirpa and Logray, who listen and shake their heads negatively. The Medicine Man gestures toward the prisoners and barks some orders. Several Ewoks jump up and pile more wood

on the barbecue with vigor. Leia trades frantic looks with Luke and Han.

 HAN: Somehow, I got the feeling that didn’t help us very much.

 LUKE: Threepio, tell them if they don’t do as you wish, you’ll become angry and use your magic.

 THREEPIO: But Master Luke, what magic? I couldn’t possibly —

 LUKE: Just tell them.

 Threepio speaks to the Ewoks. The Ewoks are disturbed. Logray steps forward and challenges Threepio. Luke closes his eyes and begins to concentrate.

 THREEPIO: You see, Master Luke; they didn’t believe me. Just…

 Now the litter/throne, with Threepio sitting upon it, rises from the ground. At first Threepio doesn’t notice and keeps talking.

 THREEPIO: …as I said they wouldn’t. Wha-wha-what’s happening! Oh! Oh, dear! Oh!

 The Ewoks fall back in terror from the floating throne. Now Threepio begins to spin as though he were on a revolving stool, with Threepio calling out in total panic at his situation.

 THREEPIO: Put me down! He-e-elp! Master Luke! Artoo! Somebody, somebody, help! Master Luke, Artoo! Artoo, quickly! Do something, somebody! Oh! Ohhh!

 Chief Chirpa yells orders to the cowering Ewoks. They rush up and release the bound prisoners. Luke and Han enfold Leia in a group embrace. Luke notices the spinning Threepio, with Artoo beeping up at him, and slowly lowers the golden droid and the throne to the ground. Logray orders the little droid cut down. Artoo crashes to the ground. When the Ewoks set him upright, the little droid is fighting mad. Artoo beeps a blue streak at the nearest Ewok, and begins pursuing him, finally getting close enough to zap him with an electric charge. The Ewok jumps two feet in the air and runs away, screaming. A small group of Ewoks surround the giant Wookiee, scratching their heads and marveling at his height.

 THREEPIO: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Thank goodness.

 LUKE: Thanks, Threepio.

 THREEPIO: (still shaken) I… I never knew I had it in me.


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