Geek out!

I just wanted to quickly devote this post to a couple of random things.

First of all, to my blog follower Nathan: I got Robota from the library and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Thanks for the recommendation.  Surprisingly – I had read the article that Nathan suggested and had promptly forgotten the plot afterward.  I’m so glad I did because I like being pleasantly surprised.  It was a good sci-fi story and easily read within an hour or two.  I did LOVE Doug Chiang’s illustrations and some were so reminiscent of Star Wars, while others were completely fresh and new.  The robots vaguely resembled Battle Droids, while some of the transport machines looked like AT-ST’s.  I guess what I loved most about the book was that it was not what I expected…in a good way.  You start reading the story, thinking that robots can’t have emotions and are incapable of feeling, which is essentially very similar to the other human’s points of views in the book.  But in the end, you realize the whole story is based around love between two robots.  On a deeper level, there are questions regarding civilization, love, aging, and inter-species (?) relationships, among many more things, but I love the simplicity in how it made you rethink everything you originally thought when you started the novel.

Secondly, I thought this project/idea was cool, so I thought I would introduce it to you guys, if you have not already heard of it:

The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project.  Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Someone (Chris Lee) is crazy enough to start a project to build a life-size Falcon.  I think that’s awesome, absolutely awesome.  I really wish I could be more descriptive, since I am on WordPress after all…mind blowing?  Tremendous?  Remarkable?  Amazing?  (My thesaurus recommended “humbling” as well, but hmmm not so much)  Chris Lee is building an hour west of Nashville, TN if anyone is out there and interested.   It also sounds like he got the go ahead from Lucasfilm (smart move on his part), but the downside of that is that they cannot publicly solicit funds, making the project fan driven.  It’s a little sad because I’m sure it will take longer this way, but it will be that much sweeter once it’s completed.  For those interested, here is the webpage:

Thirdly, Rick McCallum retired today.  I thought that was an interesting bit of news as he is/was a strong advocate for the live television series and was a big player in the Star Wars universe for the past 20 years.  I’m a little sad, because when I first started falling in love with Star Wars, Rick McCallum was constantly in Star Wars Insider, granting interviews, and getting me excited about the next prequel movie to come out.  Changes are a-rolling in.  Star Wars is taking its first step into a larger world.

Lastly, this is all I’m going to say:  I am not condoning anything, just saying, this is cool and there are some people out there who are going to be very happy because who knows how long it will take to get the original ORIGINAL trilogy in blu-ray condition.

Anyway, sorry this is short, I have a couple of other blogs posts that have been mulling in my head but haven’t had time to write them yet.  Since Thanksgiving is over, I think it’ll be easier and I’ll get some real ones out for you guys 🙂


One thought on “Geek out!

  1. Awesome. Glad you liked Robota! 🙂 Doug Chiang’s imagery is flat out amazing in that book.

    I also heard about Rick McCallum’s retirement. It seems kinda strange because he was just talking about the TV series a couple of months ago. And now that he’s out, things don’t look promising for that project…

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