Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #113

It’s really hard to stay “random” when all I want to do is pick a different scene.  But I promised myself I would stay random, so here goes my super short thoughts.

Hmm…ok not much to say here.  Except I like the name of Utapau.  Sounds like “Oota-POW!”, like the when the Batman comics write “Pow!” in huge letters with a yellow explosion ring around it.

General Grievous definitely shows his true colors in this scene.  Oh shnap…clone troopers against droids and General Grievous?  He doesn’t stand a chance.  So naturally, he doesn’t go down with his ship but takes off on his wheel scooter.

Of course, being Star Wars, we can’t keep the name of something simple like “wheel scooter.”  If anyone has read enough about George and how he is as a director, it sounds like he does this kind of stuff all the time: writes something nondescript and the artists have to come up with something close to what he’s imagining.  If you’ve been following the latest series on Ralph McQuarrie in Star Wars Insider, he talks about George’s descriptions as very loose with Ralph able to have free reign on where he wanted to go with it.  George would look at initial paintings and either say yes or no, or something like “Yeah, I like that, but make it more furry.”

I found this from an interview with him during the time TPM was released: “I had a script, and George said, ‘When you’re reading the script and you come to something you think will make an interesting illustration, make some pencil drawings and I’ll come by in a week or so and we’ll talk about it.’”  Doug Chiang had a similar experience working on TPM with George.

So the “wheel scooter” is a cool concept but is now known as a “Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike”.  Ah, Star Wars, nothing is as simple as the Gonk Droid anymore.

Sigh…scenes like this are really hard to write about!


More CLONES rappel into the control center and blast away at the remaining DROIDS.

The JEDI cuts down several DROIDS as he races to the entrance of the control center. OBI-WAN spots GENERAL GRIEVOUS racing toward one of the landing platforms in the midst of the battle. GENERAL GRIEVOUS jumps onto a WHEEL SCOOTER and takes off down the wall of the sinkhole. OBI-WAN whistles for his LIZARD BOGA, who runs to him. OBI-WAN jumps on.


4 thoughts on “Scene it on Friday – ROTS Scene #113

  1. Not much going on in this scene, but your post did lead me down a somewhat interesting rabbit hole. Back in 2004, Doug Chiang co-created an illustrated novel with Orson Scott Card called Robota. He envisioned the story as a franchise complete with movies, video games, and probably lunch boxes. They did post some pretty convincing trailers on YouTube, but the Robota concept never took off like Chiang was hoping.

    Anyway, short story longer, seeing his name reminded me of the Robota project and whether it being further developed. That led me to this:

    Its a review of more the original Robota novel that serves more so as a recollection of SF’s influences including a bit about how Star Wars has swung the pendulum of sci-fi fandom. I thought it was interesting, so I figured I’d share.

    See, sometimes even these innocuous scenes spark interesting ideas.

  2. Isn’t it funny how some things can take off and some don’t? Orson Scott Card is a pretty big name, and maybe thought with the combination of them both, they would have a big following. The concept and art is interesting enough that I just requested it from my local library (yes, I’m one of the few that still utilizes the public library).

    This is an interesting quote from the article: “Audiences do not consume science fiction to better understand the world in which they live, but instead to indulge in fantasies of power and transcendence.” How true for me, at least. I definitely do not watch and read sci-fi to understand my world, but as a form of escapism.

    1. Hooray for libraries!! Having been a library student aide for most of my college years, I’m a pretty big fan. (even if I don’t get to my local library as much as I’d like)

      I’m always interested in the kind of stories people consume. When I visit someone’s home for the first time, I almost always find myself in front of their bookshelves. As for myself, I often like escapist science fiction and fantasy, but I’m really fond of those stories that can subtly use science fiction as a backdrop to dissect some big ideas. The Book of the New Sun series by Gene Wolfe, that was mentioned in the endnotes, is a great example. I just finished the audio version of the third book of four, and I really can’t recommend it enough! The book is dense with ideas about civilization, belief, duty, sentience, tons of things. It’s all wrapped in this fascinating journey through an Earth (spelled Urth in the book) that is winding down as it orbits our dying sun.

      1. I, too, look at people’s bookshelves. I can’t help it. I remember once being in my friends house when I was a teenager and looking at her dad’s bookshelf and saw it was full of horror stories. I definitely became a little freaked out.

        Yeahhh – I don’t know about The Book of the New Sun series. Doesn’t sound like my type of novel as I do stick mostly to escapist fantasy/sci-fi. Anything that is drenched with symbolism or even an allegorical story makes me quite impatient.

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