This is a quick post.  My name, Kiri, is rare.  I was named after the New Zealand opera singer, Kiri Te Kanawa (later knighted, so now she is “Dame”).  My mom saw the name in the newspaper one day and thought, “Oh, what a pretty name, I’ll name my child that.”  She doesn’t even listen to opera music.

Kiri Te Kanawa

Ok, great mom, that’s nice and all – but no one else has my name!  It was always mispronounced during attendance in a new class and spelling it on the phone is so annoying.  I have to say “It’s spelled like kiwi, but with an r instead of a w.”  Most of the time people call me “Kerri or Carrie”, somewhere along those lines.

So, whenever I find anyone with my name and spelling, I get so happy.  Another Kiri!  Wow, awesome.  And imagine my happiness and surprise last night when Mr. Reticent sent me this page from Wookiepedia:

I always knew I had some Jedi blood in me!  This proves it.  I was a Jedi youngling in my former life. Happiness!  Yes, little things like this make me so happy.  Of course, I probably died a sad and tragic death at the hands of Darth Vader, but at least I was in training to be a Jedi.  And apparently I was part of the Wolf Clan (Go Stark! …oh wait, wrong genre) and I was around 4-8 years old.  So cool.

However, the only source for this is The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, which is weird.  Do they randomly make up this stuff and put it in the Encyclopedia?  I thought everything in the Encyclopedia had to come from some from somewhere else…

Oh, who cares?  There’s a Jedi youngling with my name and I think that is SO COOL and it made my week.


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