Kamino World Out There

Man, oh man.  Hurricane Sandy is hitting us pretty hard today.  It totally reminds me of Kamino.  Does anyone else feel an aversion to that planet?  It’s miserable!  Sorry, but my favorite weather is not lashing winds and cold rain.  I would like it to be about 83° with a warm breeze filtering through.  And sunshine.  Lots of sunshine because I’m such a sunshine girl and need the sun to feel alive and happy.  Some people like rainy days but the only thing rainy days are good for is to cuddle up with a cup of tea and read a book.  Alas, most of the time I can’t do that because I’m at work.  But I digress.

Obi-Wan had never heard of Kamino before and it didn’t show up in the archives.  All he had was the word of Dexster Jettster that it was out there beyond the Outer Rim.  Based on the little knowledge he has, he goes off to find it according to the coordinates Dex gave him.  And it’s a planet full of rain!  Does anyone else realize how funny that is?  Only because he had no way to plan for what kind of planet it is so he goes in his dinky little Jedi Robe and boots and probably gets soaked.  Not probably, he really does.  It would be like if I decided to take a trip to Ireland and forgot my rain boots.  How dismal.

Obi-Wan is soaked

Anyway, after a little research on Kamino, it looks like the whole planet was basically drowned in the water.  The majority of the time it’s stormy and wind lashed…kind of like today.  Kaminoans had evolved from aquatic creatures to being able to live outside of the water and their white walls in their facilities were actually colored in shades in the ultraviolet spectrum that the species were able to see.  Interesting, interesting, whatever.  In my eyes, it’s a miserable planet and I would not want to go there.  If anyone ever asked me what the top planet I would want to see in the Star Wars universe is…it’s not Kamino.  Everyone got that?  Good.

The weather outside has winds of over 40 miles per hour, rain whipped (yes, literally whipped my face. It was painful) into my face whenever I was outside, and it’s so dark that it is hard to see anything.  Halloween will be miserable this year…all the kids should just dress up as Kaminoans and call it a day.  Last Halloween we had a freak snowstorm (and then it was the only snowstorm all year which was SUPER weird), this year we have a hurricane.  What gives?

So, as the lights flicker here in my apartment, I end this random post by saying that I hope everyone is dry, safe, and as warm as possible.  I hope you are all on Naboo, Tatooine, Alderaan, Kashyyyk, anywhere but damn Kamino!

Wind and rain outside my apartment…notice how dark it is at 2pm!
Those trees are just going to fall over, I know it
Dear Hurricane Sandy, Please don’t damage my little car which is right under that tree.

3 thoughts on “Kamino World Out There

    1. Ha! Actually haven’t thought of that. Not Kamino…did you get that by any chance? Lol. Hmm…Probably Naboo. It looks like my type of planet, especially in AOTC with the lakeside retreat and the rolling fields of grass and flowers. Very idyllic.

  1. I like Tatooine and particularly Mos Eisley. I’ve been to some wretched hives of scum and villainy and would love to meet some of the characters in this one.

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