Trials of my Jedi Costume

I am proud to announce that my informal Old Republic Jedi costume is complete!

But let me tell you, this costume is so annoying.  Not only does it take 20 minutes to get on, as soon as you take your first step in it, it’s scrunching somewhere it shouldn’t, riding too high up my body, etc.

Everything is confusing as well.   The way you put the inner tunic on is opposite of how you put the outer tunic on in regards to the layering in front of the body.  I only remembered how to put it on because there were Velcro pieces throughout the tunics that were almost like a guide, helping me through it.  Ok, this Velcro piece matches up with the left-hand side…this Velcro matches up with the outer tunic…  Oh my goodness.

Then I go to put the belt on.  Oh, wait, I forgot the obi sash.  Layers upon layers upon layers!  I had to get my husband to help with that because I couldn’t reach all the way behind me without messing some part of the costume up.

Has anyone else noticed that the tabards are going way over my shoulders on the left and right?  I blame that on Mother Bear since my sewing skills are non-existent.  After the photos, I began to tuck the sides underneath and it didn’t look half bad.  I’m sure Mother Bear would have a fit if she saw me doing that but I thought it looked a lot better.

Once the obi was on, the tabards wouldn’t stay put.  They kept overlapping or riding too high, which in turn forced the inner and outer tunic to wrinkle in funny places and at one point my costume was almost up to my ears.  It was so frustrating.  When I went to get my lightsaber out of the closet, the whole costume turned funky again.

Sigh.  It’s a losing battle.  I believe it’s just the nature of the beast.  I have to accept it and move on.  Also – the fabric I used is not the best quality, so that probably explains some of it.  It’s a much lighter weight than what they use in the movies because I do not have millions of dollars at my disposal to spend on costuming 😦

Finally, I put on the belt, clipped my lightsaber to it and I was ready to roll.  Twenty minutes after I started to put the costume on, I walked out of the bedroom like a true Jedi…. And then this weird creaking sound was coming from me with every step I took.  Apparently the next problem is that the Covertec clip used for my lightsaber creaks against the material of my belt whenever I take steps.  It seriously sounded like old floorboards in a Victorian-era house.

I was ready to tear my hair out.  My dreams of a cool, suave looking Jedi were getting ruined by the minute.  How can you sneak up on your enemy when you sound like an old wooden floorboard and look like you have some major 1980’s shoulder pads?  No enemy will take you seriously.  I attempted adjusting the clip to different parts of the belt but I still had the same result.  The best I could do was to place the belt as high up on my waist as possible so that there was as little movement in contact with the clip as possible and pull my tunic/tabards down on both sides of my body.

Another difficulty I ran into was the fact that my lightsaber blade is not just screw-in-and-screw-out like I had assumed.  There are tiny screws on the side of the hilt that I have to unscrew every time I take the blade out and when I put the blade back in, you screw them again.  This means that every time I go somewhere in this costume, I have to make a conscious choice on whether or not I want the blade in it or not.

Ok, ok, I’m done complaining.  Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my costume.  My lightsaber hilt was also a lot larger than I thought it was going to be!  However, once I held it in my hands, it didn’t feel so big and when I imagined myself in the Geonosian arena (yes, I actually did that for a brief second) I thought it was perfect.


I also love how green it is!  Green is my favorite color for a lightsaber (a leftover of my Qui-Gon adoration days) and I was worried about how it would come out in a photo, but it’s so cool.  Even my non-geek husband said to me when it arrived, “That lightsaber is kind of sick.”  Yup.  It totally is.

A few last word: in order to join the Rebel Legion and actually be a member, I need to have a “formal” costume.  Informal is the basic requirements of a generic Jedi costume, but you need a formal costume in case Lucasfilm actually hires you for an event.  The Northeast doesn’t get as many of those requests, but occasionally there will be some.  Last year the Alderaan Base was invited to open for a Red Sox game and also do something with the Bruins – that’s an example of when Lucasfilm would hire the group.  Most other requests are from local parades, or local libraries, shows, etc, and in that case, an informal costume is just fine.

I am so close to having my formal costume completed.  For all costume requirements go here, but basically, all I’m missing is a Jedi robe.  It will help with the freezing cold months we have in the Northeast but also – how can I be a Jedi without a robe?

I’m psyched.  So close to finally achieving my dream of being part of the Rebel Legion!  What do you guys think?  I’ve probably discouraged everyone from ever attempting to make one, haha…


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