My New Video is Out!

Mr. Reticent and I have been working hard on our latest video.  This one is unrelated to Star Wars 😦  Sorry.

We based it off of the news that Peter Jackson decided to release the Hobbit in 3 movies.  If you follow the fan forums, you’ll see that some fans were really upset about this and thought that Jackson is ruining Tolkien’s story.

The Hobbit is one book, a lot smaller than Lord of the Rings, and is also a children’s story on top of that so it is not as heavily bogged down with information as Lord of the Rings.  To create 3 movies out of it seems a little ridiculous.  Jackson did mention he will be including other parts of the Middle Earth story into the movie, but fans are still all riled up that he is continuing to call it the Hobbit, if that is the case.  Some people are claiming he’s been taken in by the Hollywood money/cash and has become a sellout.

Based on all this, and because it amused me, I created our new video.  I realize that this video does not have the broad appeal as the last one did (everyone pretty much knows the story of Star Wars), but I’m hoping Tolkien fans will enjoy it.

As for my personal feelings on this subject – I was definitely a little wary when Peter Jackson announced that he was making one book into three movies.  However, I also believe that if anyone can do it, Jackson can.  So I will suspend my disbelief until I see it.  Hopefully he will not let us down!



3 thoughts on “My New Video is Out!

  1. Ha ha. Nice work to you and the mysterious Mr. Reticent. 🙂 Though Jackson’s move does feel like a cash grab, I’m not going to complain. More Middle Earth is generally a good thing.

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