Lightsaber :)

I just purchased my lightsaber for my costume.  So excited.  I bought it from and am actually happy I ended up doing that.  This is the kind I got:

I didn’t know I could buy from Ultra Sabers because the only people I had talked to were those that had gotten a custom made lightsaber.  But after scouring the RL forums, I saw that people before me had bought an Ultra Saber and I was feeling better and better about my purchase.  Oh!  And it was on sale for Halloween 🙂

I first contacted someone in the Rebel Legion to make me a custom lightsaber based on my favorite designs I had seen out there.  He came back with a really nice design…and a price tag of around $250.  UGH.  Why does this costume insist on sucking all the money from me?

I have finally set up a separate savings account to channel a bit of money into each month for my costuming.  That way, it seems like I’m saving up for my costumes and not just blowing through our money.  But I do not have $250 in that account.

I explained my situation and he understood.  He actually has a separate bank account for costuming as well!  Definitely made me feel better, but I still felt awful when I emailed him today saying I had gone with a more generic hilt and blade on Ultra Sabers.

However, I am so happy about it.  I only spent about $90 total and I got a blade and hilt out of it.  I requested a green blade, if anyone cares, because Qui-Gon is my favorite Old Republic Jedi.  Wooo.

Excuse the crazy, sporadic post but I’m super excited.


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