Love Between the Jedi

The last episode of TCW had Ahsoka reunited with Lux, her crush of sorts.  Last season, he had kissed her, though it was not willingly on her part but part of a ruse.  The kiss led to mixed feelings and upon their departure, you wonder if anything will come of it or if they will fall in love.

This past episode had no kissing and no touching on both their parts, but a lot of glances from Ahsoka in Lux’s direction: sometimes the glance was a touch jealous when Lux is helping out another female soldier, sometimes it seems resigned, other times confused, etc etc.  Doesn’t matter that much, but I thought I’d give some background to my post.

What does matter is that it got me to thinking about love between Jedi within the Old Republic.  If you think about it, there had to be crushes of some sort of another.  They see this group of people day in and day out; being a Jedi is like being at Hogwarts, but with no holidays.  Though they may be dispatched here and there on a mission, the Jedi Temple is their home and they are their friends that they have trained with and grew up with.  Naturally, perhaps some are even more than friends.  At least with someone like Ahoska and Lux, they are far apart and seeing each other would be rare.  The Jedi, in this case, can hope the relationship will eventually fizzle.

But in the case of an inter-Jedi romance, that’s a little too close to home.  What do the Jedi Masters do about it?  Hope it fizzles out?  Rely on both Jedi involved to know that it is wrong and expect they will end it themselves?  Perhaps in that case, they would send them into seclusion and have them meditate a long, long time.  Does the Jedi Master of both Apprentices intervene?  Would the Council get involved?

With these questions in mind, I decide to do a little digging.  Let’s first base this off of the movies with the only Jedi romance we know of: Anakin and Padmé.

In this case, it’s a Jedi falling in love with someone outside of the Jedi temple and a non-Force user.  The Jedi, including Obi-Wan who is closest to him, know nothing about his attachment to Padmé and Anakin is able to keep it a secret.  We could argue that Anakin was able to keep it secret because is one of the strongest users of the Force and therefore able to shield himself better from others, or that the Jedi were too obsessed with finding out why the Dark Side was clouding everything, or even that they didn’t think Anakin was going to fall in love and therefore did not keep their sensitivities open to that.  The closest moment where a Jedi could have guessed what was going on, is when Yoda and Anakin are conversing about Anakin’s fear of losing someone in ROTS…way after he married Padmé and Yoda gives him some dumb advice.  Anakin, being afraid to lose the person he loves the most, is told by Yoda, “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them, do not. Miss them, do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is.”  Thanks, Yoda.  I know 99% of the time you are considered wise, but you missed the mark on that one.  At this point, Yoda is almost 900 years too far removed to be of any help to a young Jedi helplessly in love.  So from the movie standpoint, we can only assume that the Jedi are too obsessed with their own problems to care about a Jedi romance.

I was going to leave it at the movies, but my Mt. Holyoke education won’t let me write sometime like this until I’ve exhausted every option so I had to look into separate articles written on this, plus EU options as well.  It seems like the prohibition of marriage and/or children began around 4,000 BBY when the Jedi formed the Jedi High Council.  They then tweaked the Jedi Code to include that rule because attachment to anyone basically made it harder to save the galaxy and more importantly, it might lead them to the dark side of the Force.  But I still couldn’t find anything on if romance actually developed within the Jedi.  You’re telling me that for almost 4000 years, the Jedi kept to the Code and never developed any feelings for anyone?  Yeah, right.  The code was not what you’d call “guidelines”, they were actual rules.

I did find a book called the Secrets of the Jedi by Jude Watson and explores the feelings Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all have for their secret loves.  It gave me some insight, though not really what I was looking for.  It seems that if you fall in love with another Jedi you are given a choice: either stay with the Jedi and give up your attachment, or leave the Jedi Order completely.  Obi-Wan and Siri (his love) decide not to leave the Jedi and the Force helps them deal with it.

I just can’t believe that I cannot find anything on more Jedi falling in love with each other.  This seems like a gaping hole in the Star Wars universe.  It just seems so implausible to me!  If Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin all fell in love, then there have to be more in the Old Republic. Does anyone have any information on this?  Anything to help?  I am so out of the EU world that maybe it’s just that my searches are not yielding the right results.

Perhaps this is a sign that I would never have become a Jedi because I value my relationships too much, haha.

Also, after writing this post, I began to wonder if what they are doing with Ahsoka’s story line is to have her leave the Jedi Order for love (be it with Lux or anyone), which is slightly disappointing.  This is a kid’s show, so having Ahoska leave the Jedi would be a very convenient way for her to exit and still have the continuity of the movies make sense i.e. she is not in the movies, nor ever mentioned.  I am hoping Ahsoka dies a dramatic death, not for some weird fetish reason, but because I think it will lend itself to Anakin’s road to the Sith quite nicely.  He fails to keep his Padawan alive and that would bring him one step closer to the dark side.


3 thoughts on “Love Between the Jedi

  1. Hi there, I’ve found something that is rather interesting and may help you. There is a Jedi Master named Djinn Altis in the Star Wars universe who existed in the Rise of Empire era who led a splinter faction of Jedi who still served the Galaxy and Republic but upheld doctrines and beliefs that were forbidden by the Jedi Order such as allowing their members to love and have families.

    I hope these links help you!

    1. Oh, this is so interesting! Thanks, this helps a lot. I see that a lot of this information seems to be from the 1st season of the Clone Wars…which I was boycotting at the time (no longer the case as I do enjoy TCW), so that’s probably why I couldn’t find anything.

      I’ll have to look for these episodes online. Thanks again!

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