Stepping Outside of Yourself

One of the beautiful things about writing is that sometimes, you end up with something completely different from when you started.  I try to write at least once a week as an outlet for all my Star Wars meandering thoughts, but at least ¾ of this post ended up getting deleted and I turned this post into something else, so it took longer than I thought.  Who knows, maybe the part that is lost in hyperspace will one day return in a new post…

Has anyone heard about the new game that is coming out: Star Wars 1313?  I am not much of a gamer, but this game looks tremendously fun.  It’s a darker game, giving you only the option to be a bounty hunter and it takes place in the dark underbelly of Coruscant known as “level 1313”.  Another change is that you use weapons only available to bounty hunters, that is, there will not be any Force usage and I am guessing not a lot of lightsabers will come into play either.

The graphics look amazing and much better than past games.  That’s what I love about LucasArts – they are constantly outdoing themselves and coming out with more and more originality in their games in terms of storylines, but also with their animation.  What a change from the first Knights of the Old Republic, the one game I have attempted to play and still have not finished.  [tangent: I love the concept of video games and I love the idea of applying myself to play them…but it’s impractical for me right now.  I have a very addictive personality and I know that I would just be stuck in front of the game for hours and I can’t afford that.  Equation for my life: I have a full-time job + play an instrument + am married + cook homemade meals so I stay healthy + am always working out in some form or another = no time for video games.   Ergo, I wistfully think about games but do not participate in them]

For those interested in the trailer, you can watch it here (look at the detail in the faces and ships!):

I am continually fascinated by how much there actually is in the Star Wars universe in terms of characters, professions, planets, etc, and how much that can still be expanded upon.  By putting them in this underworld and making your character a bounty hunter – it opens up a whole new world of options.  That is, essentially, my favorite part of the Expanded Universe…when the storylines diverge from main characters and go into the everyday civilians of the Star Wars galaxy.

I began to think about (for probably the millionth time in my life) if I actually existed a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…where would I fit in?  Not only where do I want to fit in, but based on who I am now and certain personality traits, what would I actually end up being/doing?  There are so many tests online you can take to find out “Which Star Wars Character Are You?”; some are good, some are painfully obvious who you will turn out to be.  No one knows me as much and I do, right?  So it’s time for some major analysis:

Me: Punctual, organized, and scheduled. I have a slightly creative side to me, but it’s definitely not dominant.  Sense of humor…not really.  You really have to get to know me in order to see how my jokes are funny.  Abrupt and forthright, I hate it when people beat around the bush.  Willing to experience risk if I think the cause is good or there’s something in it for me.  Otherwise, I would prefer to not venture outside my comfort zone.

The whole problem is, when trying to pinpoint one character you are, you constantly bump against a wall since you can never pigeonhole yourself onto one character in the Star Wars universe (or really story, for that matter).  The problem lies with how you are distinctly yourself and no one else can be like you.  I don’t want to sound cliché, nor do I want to sound like I am a 2nd grade teacher, but I believe one of the draws of cosplay is that you can experiment being different characters.

The wonderful thing about cosplay is that you can be characters that are nothing like you.  Are the Nightsisters anything like me or who I am at my core?  Not completely, but there is a side of me that could be.

The Nightsisters from the Clone Wars

I love the idea of dressing up a Nightsister and exploring, probing, and developing parts of me that are waiting to be tapped.  The Nightsisters can be downright nasty when you aren’t being hypnotized by their clothing and supernatural powers, and instead are actually focusing on what they are doing and saying.

I am attracted to sly women in fantasy and sci-fi (think Cersei from Game of Thrones) who use their feminine games to gain power because there is a part of me that could be Machiavellian when the time calls for it.  With costuming, for 5-6 hours I can put on an outfit that changes the way I look, and I become someone completely different from my everyday life.

For me, it’s not just the Nightsisters, but there are moments when I feel as strong as Queen Amidala, as shady as Cad Bane, as kind and peaceful as Yoda, as sexy as Oola, and as conflicted as Anakin.  I almost understand why people have so many costumes.   Before, I thought it was just for look and show, to prove that they have better and more costumes than other convention attendees (trust me, I believe this is the case with some).  Now I think that perhaps some people do it so that they can constantly step out of their own skin into someone different.   I’m not sure I will be going out and making a million costumes, but it was a weird feeling to “get it” this past week.  The ability to look and be someone else for a few hours of your life is just amazing and I believe that, in a way, a small part of you does change inside whenever you put on your costume.

Resources, if interested:

Brief description of cosplay:  I believe Cosplay used to be strictly used within Anime and Manga, but it has crossed outside of that genre to be used by anyone who dresses up in costumes.

deviantArt has a whole album dedicated to professional photos of people doing cosplay:

If anyone knows of any good Star Wars personality quizzes online, please let me know.  I haven’t taken one in a while and tried to find a good one, but ended up just getting impatient and Force-choking Google.

Funny flow chart of the Star Wars universe, which actually sparked the thoughts of this blog:


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