Update on Star Wars Bullying Slideshow

For anyone interested in what happened and a good rundown of some of the captions:


In their defense – not all of the captions were as awful as the ones that are highlighted in this article.  Some of them were harmless (imo), like a Princess Leia looking through her purse with a caption saying “Where did I put the Falcon keys?” or something along those lines.  But upon reflection, yes, some of them were little jabs and only perpetuated the stereotype of geeks.

Something in me still thinks that maybe this person didn’t really mean it as harshly as it came out.   Perhaps I’m naive and I think this way because the person was a Star Wars fan.  Maybe it was all made up and they weren’t a fan, not even close, and were just doing it for the attention.

I guess what bothers me, in the end, is that something like the conventions we attend should be a place where we can be with like-minded people and feel safe.  If you go to a convention and participate in cosplay, you do not want to feel nervous that someone taking your photo could be doing it to actually make fun of you behind your back.


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