I can’t make it to CVI.  It’s sad, but not heart wrenching.  I will live, though when I look at all the facebook posts of other big fans and see that EVERY POST IS ABOUT CVI, I get insanely jealous.

Why am I not going?  Well, a lot of reasons.  First and foremost: money, obviously.  The tickets to the convention are not insanely expensive but the flights, hotel, food, and the paraphernalia that I will inevitably end up buying will add up.

And for a new married couple (one who is not in the least bit interested in going to a Star Wars convention vs. one who is extremely interested), it ends up being quite an expensive trip.  Never mind hearing all the questions/comments such as, “Really?  You’re going to buy that?” and “When are you ever going to use that?  Do you really need it?” and “Wow, we’ve been standing in line for two hours just to see this guy, do we have to do this tomorrow and the day after too?” and “Look at that person over there.  What in the world are they supposed to be?” and “We have to go to this party now too?” and lastly, “Baby, I’m happy you’re happy…but I really don’t get this.”

Second: a big country concert is coming to my area this weekend that I promised my friend I would go with them.  It’s not just that I promised; it’s also that I really want to go.  My life does not revolve around Star Wars, as I’ve made it clear, but I do love me some good ol’ boot scootin’ boogie.  And yes, that may seem weird, but it is a very strong factor in also not going to the convention even if I had the money.  Who can pass up the Brothers of the Sun action with two of the hottest names in country music?  Not me.

Since I will be sitting at home every day of the convention (but Saturday night where I will be tailgating and partying my butt off) I have decided to take a look through the agenda and see what I would attend if I was there.  If anyone wants to take a look at the full agenda feel free to go to and scroll to the “What’s happening” header to see the schedule.

Suppose I arrive Wednesday night.  I probably wouldn’t because that would require me to take more time off from work, but let’s just SUPPOSE I live in an ideal world where I have lots of money and lots of time.  So I arrive Wednesday night.  I would go to sleep super early, because I’m an early to bed, early to rise type of person.  After I check in, this is what I would do…

Well, looks like there’s all kinds of ongoing events every day that seem like fun.  The ones I would attend:


Star Wars laser tag (I’ve never played laser tag.  I know, weird, right?), Star Wars sets and Photo Ops (because obviously I’d have my Jedi costume done on time in an ideal world, and I would take tons of nerdy photos with a cool background), Star Wars cars (wow sounds really cool actually…and it would appease my husband since he loves cars), and Tattoo Pavillion and Live Tattooing (oh man, I just spelled “Tattooing” as “Tatooine” which goes to show that you can’t break some habits.  And second-I would finally set up that appointment to get that Rebel Legion insignia I’ve always wanted to get).

12:30-1:30pm – Building a styrene droid with R2-D2 builders.  I just had to look up styrene and it gave me a bunch of chemistry diagrams.  What.  
1:00-2:00pm – What if?  James Luceno writing workshop.  I don’t know how I’d attend both the R2 session and the writing workshop at once, but both seem so interesting and thankfully, I don’t have to make that choice.
4:00-5:00pm – Japanese Star Wars vegetable carving.  I would make an awesome cantaloupe Death Star, instagram it, and then eat it. In reality, I would probably skip this because I would have to stand in line for Ian about 2-3 hours beforehand.  ❤ conventions.
5:00-6:00pm – The Phantom Menace: Ian McDiarmid.  Never seen him before.  That would be fun.
6:00-7:00pm – Star Wars speed dating.  Just kidding.  Even though my husband would probably get a kick out of it.
7:00-9:00pm – An Evening with Kevin Smith.  I would be in the back of the theater because I would have had to rush to the line from Ian McDiarmid.  But c’mon…Kevin Smith is awesome.  Would love to see him live. I also like how it’s “not recommended for children”.  Bound to be a good time.

10:30-11:30am – Vocal stars of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Meh, as much as I’m on the fence about TCW, I love Ahsoka and Ashley Eckstein is speaking.
11:00-12:00pm – Star Wars musical mayhem with fabulous prizes.  Oh, I would totally skip the last ½ hour of the Clone Wars actors for this.  I bet I could whip anyone’s butt.  It’s a competition of knowing which music matches up with which Star Wars scene.  Hells yes.
2:00-3:00pm – Masters of Sound.  I saw this panel at another Celebration I went to and I LOVED it.  Definitely one of the Easter eggs of Celebrations.  So interesting how they create sound effects for the movie.
5:30-6:30pm – Using plot and character to build a strong climax.  This would be useful and informative for my epic story I’m writing, which is on its way to never being done.
7:30-8:30pm – Mark Hamill.  I love how that’s the best title they could come up with for this panel.  Every other actor/celebrity gets an awesome panel title…except for Mark Hamill. Couldn’t they even do “Walking on the Sky: A Panel with Mark Hamill”?

12:00-1:00pm – Super-Secret Star Wars panel with Todd, Seth, and Matt.  Um, Seth Green.  Nuff said.
1:30-2:30pm – Star Wars in 60 minutes.  Always wanted to see it.
4:30-6:00pm – Behind the scenes of the cantina.  Looks semi-interesting.  Maybe I’ll be in my hotel taking a nap.
6:00-9:00pm – Talking to Myself with James Arnold Taylor and Date with a Princess with Carrie Fisher.  They get a cool panel title too.  Poor Mark Hamill got shafted.

11:30-1:30pm – Tattoo show.  Some people have crazy, awesome Star Wars tattoos and I witnessed it at my last Celebration convention I went to.  I would want to see more of them.


Of course, there would be the numerous parties I was invited to that I attend EVERY night (ya, right) that would also make up this schedule and I would want to check out the new Star Wars ride in Disney World, but that would be about it.  Now, that I’ve looked over the whole agenda and picked and chose what I want to go to, I’m jealous all over again of the fans that get to go.  So I wish you all the best of luck and I hope everyone has a superb time.  I will do a heel-toe-do-si-do for you at my concert.

Now, if you are still with me on this blog post, then you are a big Star Wars fan.  Kudos.  I honestly want to know how many people stayed and read this whole thing because I think an encyclopedia could be shorter.


9 thoughts on “CVI

  1. I read all the way through. So jealous that you even had a choice to go or not. They need to bring something like this to Australia.

    1. You would think that they would, considering they filmed ROTS in Australia. I believe they had a Celebration Europe once too. Looks like you will just have to make the hellishly expensive trip to the USA to attend (I know, I have relatives Down Under and have been there 5-6 times…damn it’s expensive).
      Oh, and thanks for reading all the way through! I should be more grateful that I live in the same country and have already been to a Celebration.

  2. I don’t think the population is here to justify it unfortunately. They did bring the Smithoniam exhibition here though which was quite good to see.

    On a side note, Attack of the Clones was also filmed here. It is funny watching it and RTOS and picking all the aussie TV actors as extras or minor parts. Filming here was cheap when they did it but the exchange rate has kind of ruined that.

    1. Joeylockie-
      I love that tattoo, good choice. I like tattoos that are subtle, nice in design, yet only the select few know them. When I see someone with a Mandalorian Skull, I get so excited…kind of feels like we are in a secret club.
      Where did the Rise of the Empire symbol come from? Who designed the first one and what EU story was it included in? (Wookiepedia is failing me here) I’m so curious as I’ve never seen it before you posted. But now that you have introduced me to it, I will definitely know it from here on out. Please post a photo once you get it!

  3. “This would be useful and informative for my epic story I’m writing, which is on its way to never being done.”

    Haha. There should be a club for those of us with epic stories that are “in progress”. Maybe I’ll start one, when I have the free time…

    Also, maybe an encyclopedia would be shorter, but the italicized asides were well worth the price of admission.

    1. Sigh…I have 4 pages done of my epic story. FOUR PAGES. So sad…I keep hoping I will win the megamillions and be able to stay at home and write non-stop, but so far that hasn’t happened yet. And yes, there should be a club for us with epic novels, because at least that way there is some accountability and maybe I will at least get a paragraph every week 😉
      I’m glad you read the italicized asides…I wonder if anyone else physically at CVI noticed Mark’s lame panel title?

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