Big Smile

There are two random things of note that made my happy bubble expand.

First – Last week, someone brought their two boys into our office.  I love little boys, I really do.  They are so full of energy and just adorable when they are younger.  And, of course, they are the perfect candidate to talk about Star Wars with since most boys today know about the Clone Wars and that’s how they got into Star Wars.  (However, I have met a few that know nothing about the saga, and only the Clone Wars, which leaves me with conflicting feelings, but that is something for another time)

I was in the kitchen grabbing a bagel while my colleague was introducing his children and wife to others.  The youngest (they must have been around ages 5 and 8) was staring at the bagels longingly and I noticed he had a Yoda t-shirt on.

I immediately told him I loved Star Wars and he just shouts, “Yeah, I love Yoda!”

I said, “You know, I have a Yoda toy at my desk, if you’d like to come look at it.”

The older brother had to pipe in at that point and he says, “Me too, I like Yoda.  I like other Star Wars stuff too.”

They both followed me to my desk and were enthralled with the paraphernalia on my desk.  They talked on and on to me about Star Wars and were able to name everything on my desk.  They played with my R2-D2 action figure, my Yoda plush toy, the Obi-Wan action figure, and had fun naming each of the pictures I had of characters taped in different areas of my desk.  Their parents had to basically pry them away from my little area, but it just made my day.

How cool is it when little younglings have such a strong inclination to the Force?  I mean, these kids just were so excited and I bet you that it was their favorite part of the office.

Second – my little YouTube video that I made on a whim has been making the rounds with friends and family, of course.  I found out this weekend that my in-laws friend’s daughter (talk about a mouthful…let’s just say “family friend”) is 16 years old and has never seen Star Wars.  Now, I don’t care about that at all.  If you’ve never seen Star Wars, hate Star Wars, are “too cool” for Star Wars…I don’t care.  But in this instance, a teenage girl who has never seen Star Wars saw my video, enjoyed it, and watched the entire saga in a marathon because she wanted to see what Star Wars was all about.  She loved it and then she did a second saga marathon!  Wow.  I mean, I have not done a Star Wars marathon in years because it is so time-consuming and she has done it twice in a month.

I have literally brought someone to the love of Star Wars.  I am so happy about that because I don’t think it’s ever happened before in my life.

I love just seeing how Star Wars impacts other people.  I try not to be corny about this stuff, but it’s so nice to see how one movie can touch millions of people and bring people together.  How nice that a 25 year old can connect with children under 10.  And I love knowing how different people have fallen in love with Star Wars and one person can say she watched Star Wars because a YouTube video sparked her interest.

Big smile.


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